Are the Helghast evil?

Are the Helghast evil?

Now, there are shades of grey in the story, with the Helghan Corporation certainly able to have avoided certain calamities had it not been so proud, but the bottom line is that the Helghast aren’t entirely terrible and the self-serving UCN, the “good guys” of the story, were just as bad.

What is the meaning of Helghast?

guests from hell
Trivia. The word “Helghast” is based on the Dutch-Germanic word “gast”, which means “guy” or “guest”. In essence the Helghast (plural) are “guests from hell.” ISA soldiers sometimes refer to the Helghast colloquially as “Red Eyes” or “Higs”.

What happens after killzone3?

Killzone 3 ends with Sev, Rico, Narville, Hooper and Jammer destroying Stahl’s cruiser with a massive nuke. This in turn causes a Petrusite explosion in the atmosphere, irradiating the planet and presumably wiping out most of the population.

What happened to Sev and Rico after Killzone 3?

Killzone 3 Sev was separated from Rico during the chaos and went into hiding with Captain Narville. For the next six months, Sev had been helping Narville and their men in avoiding the Helghast, and trying to reestablished communication with Vekta.

What happened to Killzome?

Going forward, visitors to will be directed to While this change doesn’t affect the online multiplayer modes, player statistics or ranking data for KILLZONE MERCENARY and KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, it is now no longer possible to create or manage clans in KILLZONE SHADOW FALL.

Is Colonel Radec the right hand of General Metrac?

Every Helghast Colonel in the series before Radec served as the right-hand man for a Helghast General; Colonel Cobar was the right hand of General Metrac and Colonel Hakha was the right hand of General Lente (before defecting to the ISA). Radec is the only Colonel shown in the entire series who does not serve as the right-hand man for a General.

Were Radec and the Eagle officers friends?

It is possible the two high-ranking officers were friends or acquaintances judging from the scene (This could also explain why Radec has access to such advanced equipment). If you look closely at Radec’s left shoulder pad, you can see an Eagle clutching a wreath.

Who plays Radec in Helghast?

This symbol can also be seen on the leadership of all Helghast. Radec is voiced by Sean Pertwee, who voiced Gregor Hakha in Killzone. Sean Pertwee is the only voice actor in the series to play Helghast characters in support of and against Visari.

What kind of armor does Colonel Radec wear?

Colonel Radec with the Autarch. Radec is quite tall and wears a very decorative, high-ranking uniform; it appears to be modeled after heavy-duty Spartan armor.