Can adults go to McMaster hospital?

Can adults go to McMaster hospital?

The site is home to a range of adult specialty clinics and day surgery, as well as a nationally-recognized digestive diseases care and research program.

Where is the fracture clinic at Hamilton General Hospital?

Our new location, still at Hamilton General Hospital, is on the main level (in section W), with the entrance across from section M. The Information Desk at the main entrance will be able to direct you.

What is the Boris clinic at McMaster hospital?

The Boris Clinic is a joint outpatient clinic in partnership with McMaster University and funded by Hamilton’s Boris family. This innovative clinic allows adult patients with complex health problems to see several specialists with different medical specialties during one visit, under one roof.

What does Hamilton General Hospital specialize in?

Hamilton General Hospital is a regional centre specializing in cardiac and vascular care, neuroscience, trauma and burn treatment, stroke and rehabilitation.

What do they do at fracture clinic?

Traditionally, all patients who sustain a broken bone (fracture), are given an appointment for a fracture clinic. This often happens on the day following the injuries. These clinic are often busy and can be quite bewildering. There is often removal and application of plaster casts, along with taking x-rays.

What does Gimrac mean?

The General Internal Medicine Rapid Assessment Clinic (GIMRAC) provides quick access to internal medicine consultations for patients referred from the emergency department, Urgent Care Centre, and community physicians.

Is HHS a teaching hospital?

Hospital Services We are an active teaching hospital with graduate medical education programs in internal medicine and general surgery.

What is the history of McMaster University’s Health Sciences Centre?

In 1972 the centre opened in the Health Sciences Building, owned by McMaster University, where the university-hospital collaboration set the stage for a strong tradition of teaching future generations of healthcare providers.

What happened to the fracture clinic at Hamilton General Hospital?

As of May 27, 2019, the Fracture Clinic at Hamilton General Hospital will have a new name and a new location. Our new clinic space will be renamed the Orthopaedic Clinic, to best reflect the care and services that we provide. Our new location, still at Hamilton General Hospital, is on the main level across from section M.

What services are available at the Hamilton General Hospital MDU?

The Hamilton General Hospital and Juravinski Hospital MDUs serve adult patients. The following services are available at these sites: The McMaster University Medical Centre MDU children and youth, as well as adults. The following services are available at this site: Enter the hospital through the main entrance and turn right.

What is the thrombosis clinic at McMaster University?

The Thrombosis Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre and Hamilton General Hospital provides outpatient care for patients at risk of blood clots or complications related to blood clots, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Please make sure you have the correct location details before coming to your appointment.