Can you get into college with a 12 ACT score?

Can you get into college with a 12 ACT score?

With a 12 ACT score, you’re already strongly competitive for these schools. You’re very likely to get admitted if you apply. If you improve your ACT score, your Safety Schools will get better and better.

Is a 20 ACT score good?

An ACT composite score above 20 can be considered a good score, as it means you did better than the majority of test takers. The higher your ACT score, the higher your percentile ranking will be.

Can I get a scholarship with a 26 ACT score?

Many colleges assess you on your score range. For instance, scholarships by ACT score with common ranges are below. There are many more, but this shows that at each range, scholarships exist. Therefore, ACT scores from 26 to 30 may open up avenues that a range of 18-21 may not.

What ACT score will get you a scholarship?

First of all, a lot of scholarships don’t even ask for test scores. Among those that do, some scholarships will give you money for a low-20s ACT score. Others want to see a 25 or higher. More competitive scholarships may ask for a 29, 30, 32, and so on.

Is the University of South Alabama a good school?

University of South Alabama’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #298-#389. Undergraduate students at South Alabama can choose from more than 50 bachelor’s degree and certificate programs. There are more than 40 master’s degree programs, including those in the.

What ACT score gets a full ride?

To be eligible, students must have ACT scores of at least 31 or SAT scores of at least 1430, be in the top 5% of their high school classes, and have a GPA of 3.8 or above.

What ACT score do you need for South Alabama?

Early Admission Applicants Academic Requirements: Minimum ACT superscore of 28 or SAT of 1250 (if taken prior to March 2016) or SAT of 1310 (if taken March 2016 or after); high school grade-point average of at least 3.5 (B+); favorable recommendation from the high school counselor.

What ACT score is needed for scholarship at Alabama?

STEP 2: Qualify for An Automatic Merit Scholarship

Scholarship Test Score GPA
Presidential 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT 3.50+
Foundation in Excellence 29 ACT or 1330-1350 SAT 3.50+
Foundation in Excellence 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT 3.00-3.49
Collegiate 28 ACT or 1300-1320 SAT 3.50+