Can you melt cetyl alcohol?

Can you melt cetyl alcohol?

Cetyl alcohol is a saturated fatty alcohol derived from coconuts, with a melting point of 49°C (120°F), which still doesn’t sound all that exciting, frankly.

Does cetyl alcohol dissolve in water?

Cetyl alcohol is present in a waxy white powder or flake form at room temperature, and is insoluble in water and soluble in alcohols and oils 1.

Does cetearyl alcohol burn?

However, burning, stinging, redness, or irritation may occur. If any of these effects last or get worse, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

How do you dissolve cetostearyl alcohol?

Heat the cetearyl alcohol to 60c – 70c within the oil stage of your formulations. Ensure the ceteryl alcohol is fully dissolved into your oil stage (use agitation if required) in order to minimise the risk of graininess in your final formulation.

How do you mix cetyl alcohol and water?

Set the cook time to a minute, and let your water reach a warm but not boiling temperature. Combine the distilled water and oil mixture gradually. Keep the melted oils, cetyl alcohol, and stearic acid in a separate container, then slowly pour the heated water in. Watch as a reaction occurs and the lotion turns white.

Is cetyl alcohol a hardener?

It can be used instead of, or in combination with, butters and oils like shea or sunflower. In anhydrous projects, cetearyl alcohol works to thicken, harden, and raise melting points in a rich, buttery way.

What is the melting point of cetyl alcohol?

120.7°F (49.3°C)Cetyl alcohol / Melting point

What is the boiling point of cetyl alcohol?

651.2°F (344°C)Cetyl alcohol / Boiling point

What is the difference between cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol?

Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols containing cetyl (carbon-16) compounds and stearyl alcohols (carbon-18) compounds. The key difference between cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol is that cetyl alcohol is a single chemical compound, whereas cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of chemical compounds.

How do you melt emulsifying wax?

Method: First melt the beeswax and emulsifying wax in a bain marie or double boiler adding the oil and waiting until it is all completely melted. Whilst that is happening place the waters in another pan and heat until fairly hot but not boiling.

Can I use cetyl alcohol and stearic acid together?

Cetearyl alcohol pops up in this formulation as an emollient and thickener, paired with stearic acid. This cleanser is very generally a lotion with added surfactants; using cetearyl alcohol as one of the emollients helps add body and richness while keeping costs down.

Is cetyl alcohol a emulsifier?

What is cetearyl alcohol used for? Cetyl alcohol helps prevent creams from separating into oil and liquid. A chemical that helps to keep liquid and oil together is known as an emulsifier. It may also make a product thicker or increase the product’s ability to foam.