Do coral bells need to be cut back for winter?

Do coral bells need to be cut back for winter?

Coral bells (or Heuchera) boasts colorful foliage from spring to fall, and even through the winter in warmer climates. Whether coral bells are evergreen or not in your zone, we don’t suggest cutting them back in late fall. Why? Their foliage protects their crown through the winter.

How do I care for my coral bells?

Give them well-drained, moist, rich soil that’s neutral to slightly acidic, with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Some species, like H. sanguinea, don’t tolerate clayey or acidic soils. Other than keeping them regularly watered during their first year of growth, heucheras don’t require much care.

Do you cut back coral bells?

Coral Bells Care While coral bells don’t need much maintenance, you can cut back the entire flower stalk after flowering to put the plant’s energy into growing more leaves. If the leaves get a bit ragged looking, especially after winter, cut them back and new growth should fill in quickly.

When should I cut back my coral bells?

According to Proven Winners, it’s best to prune coral bells in early spring to prepare them for the growing season. Prune coral bells in spring by cutting back the dead or damaged foliage stems at the base, snipping them off near the soil line with your clean, sharp pruning shears.

How long do coral bells last?

How long do Heuchera live? The only downside to Heuchera is that they are short-lived, unless they are divided every 3-4 years as the crown becomes woody. Unlike hosta and good wine, heucheras do not get better with age.

Why are my coral bells dying?

Coral bells have shallow roots that need moisture, but too much moisture, especially during winter dormancy, induces stem and crown rot diseases.

How do you fertilize coral bells?

Coral Bells Fertilizing Tips

  1. Fertilize in the spring.
  2. Use a water soluble or slow release fertilizer.
  3. Do not over-fertilize.
  4. Add a half inch layer of compost annually but be sure not to cover the plant’s crown during application.
  5. Container-grown Coral Bells can be fertilized every other week.

Will frost hurt coral bells?

Coral bells are hardy plants that are also frost and deer resistant shrubs. They are considered evergreens in many climates.

Do coral bells come back every year?

To start with, coral bells are perennials and will come back year after year. They will also multiply on their own and after three or four years and may need to be thinned out. But it is a joy to have a plant that grows so well you have to “weed it out” every so many years!

Do coral bells prefer sun or shade?

part shade
The ideal conditions for coral bells is part shade, meaning 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, and out of the way of scorching afternoon sun. However, heuchera plants will grow in any amount of sunlight, including full sun, as long as you water well.