Do musicians like Nardwuar?

Do musicians like Nardwuar?

Unlike Grundy though, Nardwuar isn’t a dogmatic, probing prick; he’s an enigma who does an immense amount of research and never compromises his absurd personality. Some artists recognize his dedication and love him for it, like Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, we guess), who has asked Nardwuar back for multiple interviews.

Do Nardwuar guests keep gifts?

Nardwuar on Twitter: “@CandiceAutrey Yes, they get to keep the “gifts” . Thank you and doot doola doot doo ,,,” / Twitter.

How tall is Nardwuar?

5′ 8″Nardwuar the Human Serviette / Height

How old is Nardwuar?

53 years (July 5, 1968)Nardwuar the Human Serviette / Age

Who walked out on Nardwuar?

During Slipknot’s Vol. 3 era, Nardwuar spoke with Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan and Chris Fehn backstage. Essentially causing Fehn to break character using a Naughty by Nature song, the long-nosed Slipknot percussionist suddenly stormed off, leaving Nardwuar to hilariously yelp in confusion as to why one of his guests had left.

How long has Nardwuar been interviewing?

CiTR listeners can hear 20 hours of Nardwuar’s interviews, marking the 30-year milestone of his radio show.

Why does Lil Uzi run from Nardwuar?

The Canadian “Human Serviette” kicked the interview off with his usual offering of ultra-specific gifts. Mere minutes into their chat, however, and at the mention of Guns Garcia, Uzi replied, “He know too much. I can’t do this,” and made a run for it.

Why did Uzi run from Nardwuar?

Why is Nardwuar’s interview style so controversial?

Throughout the years, certain artists and bands have reacted negatively to Nardwuar’s interview style. Perhaps because of his overwhelmingly kind approach and his unusual attire, rock bands were usually Nardwuar’s main nemesis, including Sonic Youth— who infamously smashed a record Nardwuar intended on gifting the band —and Skid Row.

How did Nardwuar get backstage after a 1994 Vancouver show?

Nardwuar was able to get backstage after a show at the PNE Forum in Vancouver in 1994 thanks to Courtney Love, who spotted Nardwuar just as security was about to remove him from the arena.

What is Nardwuar doing at the Drake Hotel?

This week Nardwuar takes his Video Vault show on the road for three nights at the Drake Hotel in celebration of his 30th anniversary. He’ll play videos of his interviews, talk about them, and perform with The Evaporators (featuring Sloan’s Chris Murphy on drums).

Can Questlove and Nardwuar nerd out about Motortown Revue?

But even though Questlove came prepared for Nard’s most obscure facts, even he didn’t last a few minutes before he was astounded when Nardwuar presented him with a Motortown Revue poster. This is basically two music buffs just nerding it out, there’s also an extended 46-minute version for anyone who really want to nerd out.