Does Beaverton or get snow?

Does Beaverton or get snow?

Beaverton gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 155 days per year….Climate Averages.

Beaverton, Oregon United States
Snowfall 1.6 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 155.3 days 106.2 days
Sunny 141 days 205 days
Avg. July High 80.3° 85.8°

What is the coldest month in Beaverton?

Average Temperature in Beaverton The coldest month of the year in Beaverton is December, with an average low of 36°F and high of 45°F.

Will Beaverton get snow this year?

November 2021 to October 2022. Winter temperatures will be milder than normal, with below-normal precipitation and snowfall. The coldest periods will occur in early December, from late December into early January, and in mid-January and early March. The snowiest periods will occur in late December and early March.

What is the coldest temperature in Beaverton Oregon?

The lowest recorded temperature in Beaverton is 0.0°F (-17.8°C), which was recorded in December.

What is the cost of living in Beaverton Oregon?

Beaverton cost of living is 124.1

COST OF LIVING Beaverton Oregon
Overall 124.1 113.1
Grocery 102.8 100.4
Health 85.3 88
Housing 168.6 148.9

Does it rain a lot in Beaverton?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, November and December. On average, December is the wettest month with 6.14 inch (156.0 mm) of precipitation. On average, July is the driest month with 0.63 inch (16.0 mm) of precipitation.

Is Beaverton Oregon a nice place to live?

Beaverton is a town in Oregon with a population of 97,861. Beaverton is in Washington County and is one of the best places to live in Oregon. Living in Beaverton offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Beaverton there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Is Beaverton Oregon expensive?

Beaverton, Oregon’s cost of living is 29% higher than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

Is Beaverton cheaper than Portland?

According to the US Census Bureau, the overall cost of living in Portland is higher than the national average at 131. As a whole, Portland’s cost of living is quite a bit higher than Beaverton’s. At 124.1, Beaverton’s cost of living index is lower than the metro average.

How much does it cost to live comfortably in Beaverton Oregon?

Is Beaverton safer than Portland?

Both are alike in dignity. Beaverton has lower crime rates than Portland and better school districts, but Portland has a vibrant art community.