Does Brett Yang and Eddy Chen live together?

Does Brett Yang and Eddy Chen live together?

Brett and Eddy are currently living together in the same apartment in Singapore.

Does Eddy Chen have perfect pitch?

“Yes I do have perfect pitch my mom realized when I was 5 years old and I would correct her if she sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in a different key than how it sounded on my violin …”

Are Brett and Eddy actually good at violin?

Who Is Better At Playing Violin Brett Or Eddy? Brett is more skilled at the violin if you are looking at its technical aspects, to me. It seems he is also more able to read at sight. In contrast, Eddy is better at improvising and re-creating music he has heard.

Why was Eddy Chen in a wheelchair?

In ‘Opening up about our mental Health’ and ‘Draw Our Lives’, Eddy confessed that he had been in a wheelchair for about two months because of a condition that caused normal body sensations to become pain receptors when there was nothing wrong with the muscles.

Is Hilary Hahn a prodigy?

Of all the brilliant female violin prodigies of the last 20 years — Anne-Sophie Mutter, Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg, Midori and Sarah Chang, among them — Hahn seems to be the one who has best managed the perilous balance between chronological innocence and musical experience.

Where does Chloe Chua study?

the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Chloe Chua, an 11-year-old violinist from Singapore, has been a violin student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), School of Young Talents (SYT) Strings Section, since she was four years old. She is currently studying with Mr Yin Ke, String Programme Leader of SYT.

What is Eddy Chen real name?

Brett Yang
The pair are best known for their musical comedy on their YouTube channel, which has reached over 3.7 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views as of May 2022….

TwoSet Violin
Born Brett Yang 3 March 1992 Eddy Chen 23 March 1993 Eddy: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Occupation Musician YouTuber