Does Yoshiki like Ayumi?

Does Yoshiki like Ayumi?

In Corpseparty; Musume, Yoshiki’s overall character is perverted, as he has a sexual fetish for Ayumi as seen by the multiple times that he tries to grab Ayumi’s posterior.

Is Ayumi Shinozaki related to Sachiko?

Sachiko was the master of the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School, and was a former student there. She is the daughter of Yoshie Shinozaki and Seiji Shinozaki, the younger twin sister of Sachi Shinozaki, the grandniece of Makina Shinozaki, and the second cousin once removed of Hinoe and Ayumi Shinozaki.

How old is Ayumi party?


Name Shinozaki Ayumi
Age 17
Height 151cm / 4’11”
Weight 43.2kg / 97 lb
Birthday 12th September

Who killed Sachiko?

In the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Character Contest, Sachiko ranked 6th place. She is tied with Naho Saenoki. In the anime, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls she was choked to death by a teacher but in the other version she lost her footing and fell, breaking her neck when the teacher tried to rape her.

How do you pronounce Ayumi?

Phonetic spelling of Ayumi

  1. AA-Yuw-Miy.
  2. ayu-mi. perelyne.
  3. Ay-umi.

How do Naomi and Ayumi find the Shinozaki estate?

Upon arriving in Kishi, Naomi and Ayumi discover that the Shinozaki estate is not on the map, as such they consult a local. The old woman greets them kindly, but she would soon turn them away the moment the surname, Shinozaki, was mentioned.

Is Ayumi Shinozaki related to Sachi and Sachiko?

She is the second generation grandniece of Makina Shinozaki, the first cousin twice removed of Yoshie Shinozaki, the second cousin once removed of Sachi and Sachiko Shinozaki, and the younger sister of Hinoe Shinozaki . In CORPSE-PARTY and CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt-, Ayumi has black hair styled into two big pigtails, held with pink head ties.

What charm does Misuto give to Ayumi?

Misuto gives Ayumi his charm, the Argus Cube, and tells her to hold onto it. Yoshiki writhes in pain and tries to tell Ayumi to not go, but Ayumi has made up her mind and tells him to not worry about her anymore.

Why is Misuto called the last Misuto?

Misuto refers to himself as “the last Misuto,” suggesting that he was named after an ancestor or immediate family member. Excluding Ryou Yoshizawa and Yuu Shinohara, Misuto is the shortest male in the entire series. He is the shortest character in the entire series when factored into an “age:height” ratio.