Guidelines for military essay writing

The modern development of the state and society poses the most serious tasks in the field of education and training of the new generation. The community needs healthy, courageous, high-hearted, initiative, disciplined, competent people who would be able to learn, work for boon to society, stand up for its defense, if necessary.

In the light of these tasks, the importance of the military-patriotic education of young students increases. This type of personal development should make a significant and, in some cases, decisive contribution to the formation of worthy citizens, the training of skilled and strong defenders of the Motherland.

An important factor in the full development of the service members’ personality is their ability to formulate their own thoughts, to think logically, to convince and motivate surrounding persons. The majority of these skills cadets learn and get during the course of military rhetoric.

Military rhetoric combines a system of rules for organizing speech interaction in order to bring the best match of speech to the conditions and requirements of military activities.

Military rhetoric is the science and art of expediently constructing the speech communication of military service members, aimed at ensuring the solution of the military service tasks.

Teaching speech

Teaching speech in rhetoric has always assumed the simultaneous learning to think (think morally), to form a worldview, to gain knowledge and to express one’s attitude through the word. Hence the particular seriousness of rhetoric as a real thought-speech creativity, expressing the position of every person in life.

One of the methods of eloquence elaboration in military educational institutions is the writing a military essay.

By its definition essay is a prosaic literary genre. Translated from French, it means “article” or “sketch”. The essay shows the author’s own experiences, his or her attitude to a particular issue. It may not fully satisfy the answer to a bespoken question, but reflects someone’s opinion or impression.

Essay achieves its basic idea with the help of a direct author’s statement, which does not require the creation of either fictional characters, or the plot that binds them.

Soldiers can train their logic, the ability to express your view, to correctly present information when working on their military papers.

A military essay may include elements of reference information and statistical data (for example, in military production) concerning a given topic. In addition, important sources are military reports and political reviews from the media to reinforce the arguments of one’s own convictions. Often, in order to illustrate the importance of the army in the life of the country when creating an essay on military topics, references to historical events and military battles are inserted.

In order to write an essay on military subject properly, one should adhere to the following principles relating to spiritual and moral values:

  • citizenship,
  • class, party, corporate neutrality,
  • nationwide in state scale;
  • priority of public-state interests over personal ones;
  • patriotism, devotion to Motherland;
  • dedication and ability to overcome difficulties and hardships;
  • humanism and morality, self-esteem;
  • social activity, responsibility, intolerance to violations of moral and legal norms.

As topics for writing a military essay, you can use the value system on which military and other types of civil service in the Armed Forces are based:

  • the civil duty – the constant internal need of the individual in a highly moral attitude to the military and other socially significant requirements of the state;
  • military duty – readiness to uphold the interests of the country as set in the Constitution of the country, laws, the Military oath of military regulations, orders of commanders and superiors;
  • professionalism – the degree of mastery of one’s official duties and the ability to successfully perform the tasks;
  • military skills – the level of professional preparedness of a soldier

In conclusion, it should be noted that modern leadership development programs designed for military personnel are based on speech education. In the process of compiling a military essay, not only the ability to speak that is mastering, but, most importantly, the ability to socially meaningful speech, which is understood as speech, contributing to changes in public consciousness or directly affecting the results of social activity.