How do I access EIV?

How do I access EIV?

Accessing EIV To obtain access to HUD’s EIV system, visit and follow the required steps for sign-up. Questions regarding accessing EIV can be submitted to HUD’s Multifamily Help Desk at 1-800-767-7588 or [email protected].

What does income discrepancy mean?

The Income Discrepancy Report compares the tenant’s projected next year’s. income as reported in TRACS to the actual income data compiled by EIV. The. O/A is not expected to reconcile dollar amounts to the penny when resolving discrepancies.

What is imputed income from assets?

– “Imputed” means “attributed” or “assigned.” Imputing income from assets is “assigning” an amount of income solely for the sake of the annual income calculation. The imputed income is not real income. Example – Use Actual Income from Assets When. Total Net Family Assets are $5,000 or Less. Type of Asset.

What is third party verification for our Florida?

A. Applicant-provided documents may be collected as third-party verification. These are items dated within the last 120 days like pay stubs, retirement benefit letters, bank account monthly statements, and unemployment benefit notices.

Do I need to complete EIV training?

Individuals who will view and/or handle printed EIV information are required to complete only annual Security Awareness training (EIV system training is optional for these individuals). EIV training provided by third parties (other than HUD Headquarters) does not fulfill the mandatory EIV training requirement.

What’s new in EIV 9?

The EIV 9.0 System User Manual For Multifamily Housing Program Users and the External User Administration Manual were updated to include complete instructions on using the modified, on-line UAAF and the new on-line CAAF submission functionality in EIV.

How do I re-certify my EIV users?

Users must request and Coordinators must re-certify their EIV Users through the User Certification feature in the EIV system no later than the 30-day grace period Semi annually.

Where can I get help with EIV access rights in Wass?

If you need further assistance in understanding how to assign EIV access rights in WASS or perform user certifications in WASS, please contact HUD’s Multifamily Help Desk at 1-888-297-8689, option 5. Want More Information?