How do I book a Lee Wee Nam Library?

How do I book a Lee Wee Nam Library?

For enquiries, please contact….Booking of Facilities is available for the following locations:

  1. Art, Design & Media Library.
  2. Business Library.
  3. Communication & Information Library.
  4. Lee Wee Nam Library.
  5. Training Rooms (for Library Staff only)

How do I access my NTU library online?

Available Online – click to access at the electronic resource platform….Follow the steps below to view your account.

  1. Click on the Sign in link.
  2. Click on NTU / NIE users.
  3. Click on your name on the top right hand corner of the page. Click on My Account to view your loan items, requests, and fine/fee (if any).

Can public enter NTU library?

Access to the different libraries of NTU Library is only for registered library users which include NTU staff and students. For public access to Lee Wee Nam Library, please register with [email protected] prior to your visit.

How many libraries are there in NTU?

8 libraries
The Nanyang Technological University Libraries consist of 8 libraries located within the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus in Jurong, Singapore.

What if I fail a module at NTU?

If you fail a course, you can always read it again the next time it is offered, or even read a different course to fulfill the requirements of the minor. So long as you satisfy all the requirements by the time you graduate, you will graduate with the minor.

How do I book hive NTU?

There are 5 steps to book a room in NTU’s The Arc:

  1. Log in to the iNTU portal.
  2. Search for PDR Booking.
  3. Enquire about Room Availability [Optional]
  4. Submit a Booking Request.
  5. Check your Booking Details.

How many books can I borrow from NTU library?

Undergraduate students can borrow up to 20 items. Postgraduate students can borrow up to 30 items. Faculty, teaching staff, research staff and administrative staff can borrow up to 40 items while external members can borrow up to 10 items.

Can NTU students use NIE library?

Please note that NTU students / staff will only be able to access the NIE Library’s online resources on-site. You may use the laptops in the Research Commons. If you require assistance, you may approach library staff at the Service Point.

Can alumni use the library NTU?

NTU alumni are welcome to sign up for NTU Library membership as Library Alumni Members. Please note that borrowing privileges for Library Alumni Members are not the same as existing students. For more details, click here.

Can you study at the hive?

The curriculum is based on peer-to-peer learning and includes not only intensive and demanding studying but also internships. Students are granted a life-long right to study, and they can return to Hive to update their skills whenever working life so requires.

How do you become dean’s list NTU?

The top 5% of the cohort, subject to attaining a minimum YGPA of 4.50 and taking at least 16 AU of graded courses in the academic year, is eligible for the Dean’s list. In addition, Final Year students must attain at least a Second Upper Honours degree in order to be considered for the Dean’s List.