How do I download OFBiz?

How do I download OFBiz?


  1. Using a Download Mirror. Download your required version from one of our download mirrors and extract the zip file.
  2. Checkout the Source Code. Checkout the source code from the repository. Anyone can checkout or browse the source code in the OFBiz public gitbox or GitHub repositories.

How do I set up OFBiz?

Install OFBiz with MariaDB, Apache2 Proxy and SSL

  1. Get the Right Java. Install Java 8 (somehow – it is not the current version for your distro).
  2. Then the Latest OFBiz.
  3. Build and Configure.
  4. Setup for SQL.
  5. Seed the database.
  6. Launch the server.
  7. Connect and Test Login.
  8. Secure with SSL.

What is OFBiz?

An Apache top level project for 10 years, OFBiz has shown it’s stability and maturity as an enterprise-wide ERP solution that is flexible enough to change with your business. OFBiz architecture is extremely flexible allowing developers to quickly and easily extend and enhance the framework with custom features.

Why should I upgrade to the latest stable release of OFBiz?

NOTE: To minimize the risk of security vulnerabilities the Apache OFBiz community highly recommends that all users upgrade to the latest stable release. The history of security related fixes included in each release is available here

How do I setup an OFBiz database?

Database setup is done in the entityengine.xml file. The OFBiz package comes with Apache Derby, an open source Java database with DB2 specs and is based on the IBM Cloudscape product. This database is good for demonstration purposes because it is easy to setup and use.

What can I include in my OFBiz website?

Our demo also gives you some examples other things (Surveys, Blogs, Factoids, etc) also provided within OFBiz that you can include on your website.