How do I fix taskkill Access Denied?

How do I fix taskkill Access Denied?

Fix 1 – Terminate the Process Using taskkill in Command Prompt

  1. Open Run using the Windows and R keys.
  2. Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt as administrator.
  3. Enter the command below and execute it by pressing Enter. taskkill /im process-name /f.
  4. This command can be used for any type of process.

How do I force taskkill?

/F : to forcibly kill the process. If not used, in the above case it will prompt the user if the opened pages in tabs need to be saved. C:\>taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe SUCCESS: The process “explorer.exe” with PID 2432 has been terminated. The above command would make all GUI windows disappear.

How do I run Taskkill as an administrator?

To use the Taskkill command directly, we first need to open the Command Prompt. Simply search for cmd in the Start Menu and select Run as Administrator.

How do I make myself system administrator?

  1. Select Start >Settings > Accounts.
  2. Under Family & other users, select the account owner name (you should see “Local account” below the name), then select Change account type.
  3. Under Account type, select Administrator, and then select OK.
  4. Sign in with the new administrator account.

How do I run taskkill from Command Prompt?

How to Kill a Process with the Taskkill Command

  1. Open Command Prompt. Press the Windows key and type “Command Prompt”, then choose “Run as administrator”.
  2. Run the tasklist command.
  3. Run the taskkill command to kill the process.
  4. OR: Use taskkill to kill a process by its name.

Where is taskkill exe located?

Taskkill.exe is a legitimate process file popularly known as taskkill.exe. It belongs to Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is located in C:\Windows\System32 by default.