How do I get into my old MSN account?

How do I get into my old MSN account?

To sign in to MSN just select Sign in at the top right hand side of the page and enter your Microsoft account information. You can also sign in to MSN by signing into Outlook, Office, OneDrive or other Microsoft services available on the MSN homepage.

Where is settings on MSN homepage?

To change your settings, go to the MSN home page and select the settings button at the top right and then select Settings….You can change the following settings:

  • Microsoft account.
  • Social accounts.
  • Privacy.
  • Market and language.
  • Home location.

How do I make MSN default browser?

  1. Click on the Windows Start Button and in the search field type: default.
  2. At the default programs screen, click on the Set your default programs option.
  3. A screen will open that lists all the installed programs that can be configured as some sort of default in Windows.
  4. Press the OK button to exit the Control Panel.

Does MSN have a new home page?

The new MSN website brings you the best in online information and is uniquely yours across the different devices you might use throughout your day. You can stay connected to the best of our services in order to complete your daily tasks and you can customize and organize your home page to suit your interests.

Where is my MSN News Feed?

Usually the News Feed is on by default. When you open a new tab, you can see a bottom bar with some options. Click “My feed” (The first option) to open the feed.

Why does MSN com look different?

If you haven’t signed in, MSN can store some settings in cookies. The next time you use the same browser, on the same computer, your customizations will appear. If you use a different browser or computer, your customizations won’t appear.

How do I customize my MSN homepage?

To get started customizing your MSN home page, sign in with your Microsoft account. Select the settings button in the upper right hand corner of the home page and then select Customize this page. After you select Customize this page you’ll see the option to add or remove sections of content from the home page.

How do I get my old MSN home page back?

Open Settings. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both have their settings under their menu button (the three lines).

  • Find the homepage settings. In Chrome,your homepage settings are under Appearance,while in Safari,Internet Explorer and Firefox,these settings are under the General tab.
  • Change your homepage.
  • How do I get the old homepage back?

    While this new look is in “preview” mode, you can go back to the old interface. Click on the gear icon in the upper right of the MSN home page, and you’ll get a drop-down menu: Click on Exit the preview and you should end up back with the old MSN interface as it was before this most recent change.

    How do you change back to your old MSN homepage?

    36% Frequently

  • 24% Sometimes
  • 26% Rarely
  • 14% Never
  • How do I get rid of MSN as my Homepage?

    Please go to the link below to download the latest version of HitmanPro for MS Windows.

  • After downloading is complete,run the Hitman Pro,double-click the HitmanPro.exe file.
  • If the “User Account Control” prompts,click Yes to continue.
  • In the HitmanPro window,press the “Next” .