How do I make a calculator in VBScript?

How do I make a calculator in VBScript?

So here is how to create the calculator:

  1. Open Notepad and jot down the following 4 lines of code in it: Set SC = CreateObject( “ScriptControl” ) SC.Language = “VBScript”
  2. Now save the file as calculator. vbs by selecting All Files from Save as type combo box.
  3. Double click the saved file and there you are.

How do I start a process in VBScript?

Instructions for Launching Processes WMI Script

  1. Copy and paste the example script below into notepad or a VBScript editor.
  2. Save the file with a .vbs extension, for example: Process.vbs.
  3. Double click Process. vbs and enter the name of the machine where you want to launch the program.

How do I run an EXE from a VBScript parameter?

There are two ways for you to solve this issue:

  1. Run setup.exe with the full path, as suggested by @AlexK.. You probably need to provide the full path to Install. xml too.
  2. Change the working directory to the folder containing your script and setup.exe and run the command without path (or the relative path . \setup.exe ).

How do I run a VBS script from a batch file?

Show activity on this post. Batch files are processed row by row and terminate whenever you call an executable directly. – To make the batch file wait for the process to terminate and continue, put call in front of it. – To make the batch file continue without waiting, put start “” in front of it.

What opens a VBS file?

You can open and edit VBS files using any text editor, such as Notepad++ (Windows), Apple TextEdit (Mac), or GitHub Atom.

How do you automate in VBScript?

  1. A VB script can run directly from Windows task schedule. In the task scheduler, select Add a new scheduled task. Following the prompts, browse to select your . vbs file.
  2. Use the absolute file path in the command.
  3. Or call vbs file from a . bat file.
  4. cscript //nologo c:\test.vbs.