How do I prepare for TKT?

How do I prepare for TKT?

Practise with a pretest Talk to your centre about practising for TKT with a pretest. You can prepare for TKT on your own, or attend a preparation course for each module at your chosen preparation centre. Your nearest authorised exam centre will be able to give you advice about preparation courses.

Is TKT Band 3 good?

There is no Pass or Fail. Results are reported in Bands 1–4, with Band 4 being the highest. Band 1 represents limited knowledge of the content areas tested; Band 2, basic but systematic knowledge; Band 3 shows a breadth and depth of knowledge and Band 4 extensive knowledge.

Is TKT recognized?

TKT is a globally-recognised,flexible series of modular teaching certifications, which test your knowledge in 5 specific areas of English language teaching. Each module carries a certificate and is a stand alone qualification. The 5 modules can be attempted all at ones, separately in any order or individually.

What is a TKT equivalent to?

This is equivalent to IELTS 4.0 to 5.0. St Giles offers a TKT Preparation Course at St Giles Brighton. The TKT qualification is comprised of three modules: Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching.

Is TKT accepted in Canada?

TKT Teaching, by Cambridge Montreal is recognized as the educational capital of Canada, and is the world’s most recognized bilingual city for English and French.

Does TKT Certificate expire?

Cambridge Assessment English Certificates have an unlimited validity. You will never have to take the exam again – your certificate will always be recognized by companies and educational institutions worldwide as an undisputed confirmation of internationally recognized language proficiency standards.

How many points is Band 4 TKT?

To come into Band 4, you will need 70 out of 80 possible marks (87.5%).

How much does TKT exam cost?

Cambridge TKT Examination Fee One module (with preparation): Rs 7,750 (additional dispatch fee applicable) Applicants will get Rs. 500 discounts on every additional module purchase.

Is TKT a teaching license?

TKT is a series of internationally recognised modular teaching qualifications, which test your knowledge in a specific area of English language teaching. The qualifications are awarded by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge.

How is TKT assessed?

TKT is a modular course which is assessed via a paper-based examination. There is no practical teaching assessment. As well as the course on this site, a large number of institutions worldwide offer face-to-face courses to prepare you for the examinations.