How do I read a Cisco running-config?

How do I read a Cisco running-config?

Use the show running-config command to view the running configuration file. Use the show startup-config command to view the startup configuration file. You can configure a switch in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family by using configuration files you create or download from another switch.

Which of the following commands is used to display the current configuration on a Cisco device?

You will use the show running-config command in the simulation labs. You will use the show interfaces command in the practice labs. This command displays statistics for the network interfaces.

What is ip routing command?

The ip-route command manages static routes in the routing table. Issue this command for each static route to add to the routing table. To delete a static route, use the no ip-route command. Issue this command for each static route to delete from the routing table.

What is a running-config file?

The running configuration file stores the configuration changes made while the router is up and running. The “running-config” file is stored in RAM. The “running-config” file is NOT persistent, which means that the changes made in the “running-config” while the router is running are not retained after a reboot.

What is show command in Cisco?

The show IP route command displays every known connected and destination network, the method used to learn about these networks, the next-hop IP address and the local interface used to get to each known destination network. This command can be used in both User-EXEC and Privileged EXEC mode.

What is startup-config Cisco?

For the Cisco 7000 family, the show startup-config command shows the configuration file specified by the CONFIG_FILE environment variable. The Cisco IOS software informs you whether the displayed configuration is a complete configuration or a distilled version.

What is the router configuration?

The documentation that came with the router gives you the router’s Web page address. Usually, it’s numerical, such as After accessing the router, and (optionally) entering its password, you see a Web page displayed. The Web page is really the router’s configuration program.