How do you make a flag pole?

How do you make a flag pole?

To make a flagpole, first put together the pole by cutting PVC, drilling holes in it, and attaching a rope cleat and pulley to it. Then, you can make a base for your flagpole by mixing up quick-dry cement and putting it in a bucket that you can sink your pole into.

How do you make an outside Christmas tree with string lights?

A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Create An Outdoor Christmas Tree Made of Lights

  1. Step One: Choose The Proper Lights.
  2. Step Two: Cut Your Pipes.
  3. Step Three: Cut Notches.
  4. Step Four: Paint The Pipes.
  5. Step Five: Insert T-Posts In The Ground.
  6. Step Six: Measure The Distance From The Base.
  7. Step Seven: Insert The Lights.

How far should light be from flagpole?

Flagpole Lighting The fixtures should be located 6″ to 3′ from the flagpole in low-voltage (12V) residential applications. For large residential, commercial and line voltage applications (120V), fixtures should be from 12″ to 3′ from the base of the pole.

How do you light a 20 foot flag pole?

A 15-foot flagpole should use an LED spot beam spread of about 20 degrees with approximately 1600 lumens. A 20-foot pole needs a spot beam of between 36 and 60 degrees and between 7200 and 7700 lumens. For 25-foot poles, you need an LED spot beam spread of between 36 and 60 degrees and between 10,800 and 27,400 lumens.

How to turn a flagpole into a Christmas tree?

Metal coat hanger

  • Duct tape
  • Shovel
  • Pole,10 feet tall
  • Cement
  • Flexible PVC pipe,3/4-inch thick and 20 feet long
  • PVC pipe connector
  • U-shaped metal anchors
  • Mini Christmas lights,totaling about 400 feet of strings
  • Zip ties
  • How to make a PVC flag pole?

    You’ll stick the flagpole into a bucket,which you’ll fill with cement. The plastic wrap helps make it so the PVC can be removed from the concrete.

  • The directed size is an estimate.
  • The important part is that you put the hole of the PVC in the center so the hole does not get cement inside it.
  • How do you build a flag pole?

    – After the cement hardens and cures, remove the plywood. – Leave the bottom nuts on each bolt the same distance from the surface of the cement. – Raise the flagpole and install it over the bolts. – Install washers and nuts. – Plumb the flagpole in all four directions. – Attach the flag. – Play reveille or our national anthem while you raise your new flag.

    How to make a lighted outdoor Christmas tree?

    Materials List. Three galvanized garden-type stakes small enough in diameter to fit through the screw eyes (30 of these were$9 on

  • Paint. Paint both sides of your furring strips with spray paint and let dry.
  • Install the Screw Eyes. Get your three wood strips and lay them flat.
  • Connect the Eye Bolts.
  • Outdoor Install.