How do you use the remote claw in Batman Arkham origins?

How do you use the remote claw in Batman Arkham origins?

The remote claw can also be used to attack enemies. Players need only launch the claw into one enemy and then spear another to knock them together for damage. Enemies can also be linked to nearby objects as well.

What does the bat claw do?

The Batclaw was a grapple gun modification available in the Batman: Arkham series. First appearing in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman can use the gadget to pull objects out of reach. The Batclaw can also be used in combat to pull enemies towards Batman or, in later entries, disarm them.

How do you beat the Mad Hatter in Batman Arkham origins?

Lock onto Hatter’s face with the reverse batarang and then hit him with it and you’re finished.

How do I do a Batclaw Slam?

If you have the Special Combo Batclaw upgrade, you can Batclaw Slam an enemy simply by using the Batclaw and hold it (quick-fire Batclaw (hold)). The character will pull the enemy high in the air and slam him hard on the ground, pushing surrounding enemies with a shock wave, and immediately taking out that enemy.

How do you use Batclaw?

Its quickfire command is LT+Y on Xbox. It can pull an enemy toward you in a fight. If combined with a strike attack, you will perform a powerful clothesline sort of attack. Beware, though, that you are vulnerable to attacks, but you will also dart over to the enemy and can thus be used as an evasive maneuver.

Where is deadshot in Batman Arkham origins?

the Merchant’s Bank
To find Deadshot, head to the Merchant’s Bank and enter through the roof entrance after you have solved the helicopter crash investigation. When you enter the bank, there will be numerous gunmen wandering about along with Deadshot himself who will choose to stay along the upper walkway.

How do you do a grapnel boost takedown?

you have to do it when an enemy is right next to an edge. target right under the enemy, hit RB then AA and i think it should work.