How do you write a melcon conclusion?

How do you write a melcon conclusion?

The last sentence of the paragraph should be a conclusion; a sentence that wraps everything up and gives your paragraph closure. This should once again stress (but reword) your first claim or main idea. The last sentence of your paragraph that summarizes your answer, your evidence.

How do you write a melcon essay?

  1. MEL-Con Writing Strategy.
  2. M= Main Idea.
  3. E= Evidence of Examples.
  4. L= Link.
  5. Con= Concluding Statement.
  6. Don’t forget to use signal words throughout your writing! These can be used to separate one piece of evidence with its link from the next.
  7. Some examples of transitions:

How many sentences are in a melcon paragraph?

Four sentences (MELCON) will allow students to master the structure, and six sentences (MELELCON) will allow them to better develop their ideas.

What does the L in melcon mean?

MEL-CON. MEL stands for Main Idea, Evidence, Link. The writing process involves prewriting, composing, evaluating, revising, and finally editing.

What is the main idea in a topic sentence?

The topic sentence announces the general theme ( or portion of the theme) to be dealt with in the paragraph. Although the topic sentence may appear anywhere in the paragraph, it is usually first – and for a very good reason. This sentence provides the focus for the writer while writing and for the reader while reading.

How do you summarize the main idea?

To summarize, you must read a passage closely, finding the main ideas and supporting ideas. Then you must briefly write down those ideas in a few sentences or a paragraph. It is important to understand the difference between a summary and a paraphrase. A paraphrase is simply a rewriting of a passage in your own words.

How does the paragraph end?

Once the necessary information has been shared, paragraphs should end with a concluding sentence that summarizes the main ideas, emphasizes the point of the paragraph, and creates a sense of closure for the reader.

What is the best word to start a conclusion?

Examples of conclusion paragraph starter words and phrases include:

  • all things considered.
  • clearly.
  • given these points.
  • I feel we have no choice but to conclude.
  • in conclusion.
  • in drawing to a close.
  • in general.
  • in light of this information.