How long did Kristin Chenoweth play Glinda?

How long did Kristin Chenoweth play Glinda?

nine months
After playing Glinda for nine months, Chenoweth left Wicked, on July 18, 2004, soon joining the cast of The West Wing in Los Angeles. The Wicked cast album earned a 2005 Grammy Award.

Why did Kristin Chenoweth leave?

Kristin Chenoweth Still Out of Wicked | Playbill. News Kristin Chenoweth Still Out of Wicked Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth will miss the Nov. 21 performance of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. Due to illness, Chenoweth has been absent from the cast of the new Stephen Schwartz musical since Nov.

Who played April in Glee?

star Kristin Chenoweth
Sue demands that the Cheerios! go on a crazy diet in preparation for a big interview with Splits magazine and April Rhodes (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) returns to save Will and the glee club.”

How old was Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked?

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked. Photo by Joan Marcus. Cynthia Erivo, 34, and Ariana Grande, 28, are around the same ages Idina Menzel, 32, and Kristin Chenoweth, 35, were when Wicked opened in 2003 at the Gershwin Theatre.

Who played the best Glinda?

Top 12 Glindas (from Wicked)

  • Kendra Kassebaum.
  • Annaleigh Ashford.
  • Katie Rose Clarke.
  • Megan Hilty.
  • Kristin Chenoweth. Yep.
  • Honorable Mentions Include… Ginna Claire Mason.
  • Kara Lindsay. Jenni Barber.
  • Helen Dallimore. Jennifer Laura Thompson.

Who originally played Glinda in Wicked?

Kristin Chenoweth
Its original stars included Idina Menzel as Elphaba, Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda, and Joel Grey as the Wizard. The original Broadway production won three Tony Awards and seven Drama Desk Awards, while its original cast album received a Grammy Award.

How many episodes of Glee is Kristin Chenoweth in?

She appeared in a total of three episodes of the Fox series as the endearing alcoholic who grew up with Matthew Morrison’s Will Schuester. And while she may never reprise the role, it clearly has a special place in her heart. “I sure loved her,” she added. “She’s a hot mess.”

Who replaced Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda?

Jennifer Laura Thompson
Jennifer Laura Thompson replaced Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda on July 20, 2004.

Who is the longest running Glinda?

Clarke currently holds the record for longest-running actress to play the role of Glinda on Broadway. In 2020, Clarke starred as Tary in the groundbreaking musical podcast, Propaganda!