How many beds does Fauquier Hospital have?

How many beds does Fauquier Hospital have?

Fauquier Health is a 97-bed acute care hospital offering surgical services (including robotics), a 24-hour Emergency Department, extensive medical imaging capabilities, an Intensive Care Unit and much more.

Who owns Fauquier Health?

LifePoint Health Inc.
Tennessee-based LifePoint Health Inc., formerly a publicly-traded company, purchased 80 percent of Fauquier Health in late 2013 and bought the remaining 20 percent this May. LifePoint in July announced its planned $5.6-billion sale to funds “managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management,” a private-equity firm.

Who is the CEO of Fauquier Hospital?

Anthony Young. Anthony “Tony” Young, joined Fauquier Health in March 2022 as Interim President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fauquier Health. He is responsible for day-to-day operations for the health system’s 97 bed acute care facility, 113 bed nursing home, and 68 bed assisted living facility. Mr.

Does Fauquier Hospital have a NICU?

Fauquier Hospital has a cooperative arrangement with the University of Virginia Medical Center, which operates a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

What is the meaning of Fauquier?

The surname Fauquier was an occupational name for a reaper or mower, or a maker of scythes deriving from the Old French word “fauche,” which meant “scythe.”

Where does the name Fauquier come from?

The surname Fauquier was an occupational name for a reaper or mower, or a maker of scythes deriving from the Old French word “fauche,” which meant “scythe.”

How do you pronounce powhite?

The name is usually pronounced “PO-White” by area residents although it is alternatively pronounced “Pow-Hite.” References to Powhite Creek are included in the Vestry Book of Henrico Parish, Virginia, 1730-1773, and in Chesterfield County records of the latter time period.

What is Warrenton VA known for?

After the Civil War, Warrenton came to be known throughout the nation for its galaxy of brilliant lawyers who practiced at its bar and as a mecca for horse lovers. In 1883 the Warrenton Hunt was established and in 1900 the Warrenton Horse Show, which has achieved national fame as the “Hunter Show of America,” began.

How did powhite get its name?

“I studied American Indian history in college,” Melinda Phillips explained, “and the Powhite Creek, WHICH IS WHAT THE PARKWAY IS NAMED AFTER, MICHAEL, was pronounced ‘Pow-hite’ by the Native Americans.” At press time, the couple was found sitting with their respective lawyers negotiating their divorce settlement.

Why is it called Powhite Parkway?

The abovementioned arterial highway is named for the Powhite Creek, a waterway located near Chesterfield County’s Bon Air community that empties into the James River. In all likelihood, the stream was named by Native Americans long before settlers founded the original Virginia colony.