How many cities are there in Ajmer?

How many cities are there in Ajmer?

In Ajmer Teshil there are 85 villages and 4 towns. Out of 85 villages in Ajmer teshil in which Somalpur is most populated village with population of 9455 and least populated village is Badiya Ka Bala having population only 305. There are 4 town in Ajmer sub-district which lies in Ajmer administrative devision.

Is Ajmer a city or town?

Ajmer pronounced [ədʒmeːr] ( listen) is one of the major and oldest cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan and the centre of the eponymous Ajmer District. It is located at the centre of Rajasthan. It is also known as heart of Rajasthan.

Where is Ajmer in India’s map?

Ajmer Location Map,Rajasthan

City Ajmer
State Rajasthan
District Ajmer
Total Population 485,197
Total Male 253,854

Which state in India is Ajmer?

RajasthanAjmer / StateRajasthan is a state in northern India. It covers 342,239 square kilometres or 10.4 per cent of India’s total geographical area. It is the largest Indian state by area and the seventh largest by population. Wikipedia

What is the area of Ajmer?

21.24 mi²Ajmer / Area

What is the capital of Ajmer?

Ajmer State was a separate state within India from 1950 to 1956 with Ajmer as its capital. Ajmer State was formed in 1950 out of the territory of former province of Ajmer-Merwara, which became a province of the Indian Union on 15 August 1947. It formed an enclave within the state of Rajasthan.

Is Ajmer a big city?

Jaipur, the state’s capital and largest city, with a population of 3.04 million people, and covers an area of 484 km2. Jodhpur and Kota are the cities with the second and third largest populations….List of Largest Cities in Rajasthan.

City Name Ajmer
Population 551,101
Area (km²) 223
Density ( inhabitants/km²) 2,466
District Ajmer

What is the famous food of Ajmer?

Sohan Halwa is the specialty of Ajmer. It is a sweet dish made from flour, milk, and sugar. Halwa has a paste-like consistency and is topped with dry-fruits and cardamom powder for flavor.

Is Ajmer a good city to live in?

Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has released rankings of 111 cities in India according to ‘Ease of Living’ and nobody is surprised that Rajasthan cities have done so badly. While the capital Jaipur has been ranked 30 on the liveability index, Ajmer was ranked 51, Jodhpur- 53, Udaipur- 54 and Kota- 59.

How to reach Ajmer city?

Ajmer City is well connected to the rest of the country and the world through regular flights plying to and from Jaipur Airport. Jaipur (138 km) is also connected to Ajmer by an excellent bus service and the route takes 2 hours to cover. Ajmer is a major junction in the Indian Railways network and connects the city to other parts of the country.

Is Ajmer a secular town in Rajasthan?

In this era of communalism and religious intolerance, Ajmer comes across as an extremely secular town and a unifying shrine in Rajasthan . Founded in the 7th century by Raja Ajpal Chauhan, Ajmer served as the Bastion of he Chauhan kings. The city passed on to the Mewar kings and was at last annexed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Is DigiWorld’s map of Ajmer accurate?

However Mapping Digiworld Pvt Ltd and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. In this era of communalism and religious intolerance, Ajmer comes across as an extremely secular town and a unifying shrine in Rajasthan .

Why Prithviraj Smarak in Ajmer?

Prithviraj Smarak, Ajmer: An Icon of Royal Valour : The Prithviraj Smarak is a memorial to Prithviraj Chauhan, the great hero of the Rajput Chauhan dynasty. Located on the Taragarh Road in Ajmer, the memorial has a statue of the king in black stone, mounted on a horse. Prithviraj Chauhan has been shown with a bow and arrow in his hand.