How many deaths is Kony responsible for?

How many deaths is Kony responsible for?

Looking back at the LRA’s campaign of violence, The Guardian stated in 2015 that Kony’s forces had been responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 and the abduction of at least 60,000 children. Various atrocities committed include raping young girls and abducting them for use as sex slaves.

Where did the money from Kony 2012 go?

The group is very open about where the money goes. According to their financial statements, 20% is spent on management expenses and overhead. Last year $1.7 million were spent on travel, $3. 8 million were used for the film, advocacy and spreading their message and $3.3 million went to programs in Central Africa.

What did Joseph Kony do in 2012?

At the start of 2012, much of the world had never heard of Joseph Kony, a Central African warlord responsible, by UNICEF’s count, for abducting tens of thousands of children to enslave them and use them as soldiers, and for displacing more than 2.5 million people throughout the region. But that would change on March 5.

How many people has the LRA killed?

By 2004, the LRA had abducted more than 20,000 children, while 1.5 million civilians had been displaced and an estimated 100,000 civilians killed….

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency
Unknown ~600 killed (2009–2010)
100,000+ killed 400,000–430,000+ displaced

Who got caught jacking it in San Diego?

Jason Russell
Jason Russell, Kony 2012 Filmmaker, Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating in Public in San Diego. Head of the advocacy group Invisible Children, the 33-year-old was detained Thursday night.

What does Jason Russell do now?

As for Jason Russell, he is still serving on the board of Invisible Children. Since 2012, he has written a children’s book with his wife called A Little Radical, which is now advertised on his Instagram and Twitter.

Why do Ugandans have no hair?

Most public and private Ugandan schools have a rule that no one is supposed to keep hair beyond half a centimetre. This rule is particularly cruel to girls because it is a culture where boys do not usually grow their hair.