How many Panchayat are there in Kollam district?

How many Panchayat are there in Kollam district?

68 Panchayats
For administrative purposes, Kollam district is divided into 6 taluks, 11 blocks, 68 Panchayats, 1 corporation, 4 municipalities and 104 villages.

Which is the biggest panchayat in Kollam district?

കൊല്ലം ജില്ലയിലെ ഗ്രാമ പഞ്ചായത്തുകളുടെ അടിസ്ഥാന വിവരങ്ങള്‍

Basic details of Kollam District Grama Panchayat Area in Sq.Km
1 Adichanalloor 19.85
2 Alappad 7.38
3 Alayamon 35.91

How many Taluk are there in Kollam district?

Kollam Revenue District is divided into 6 (Six) Taluks and 105 Villages.

How many Municipality are there in Kollam?

Kollam District has (1) Corporation & (4) Municipalities.

Which are the blocks of Kollam district?

Kollam is district in Kerala state of India….There are total 11 blocks in Kollam.

# Block Name District Name
1 Anchal Kollam
2 Chadayamangalam Kollam
3 Chavara Kollam
4 Chittumala Kollam

Who is the mayor of Kollam?

Prasanna EarnestKollam / Mayor

Who founded Kollam district?

The port at Kollam, then known as Quilon, was founded in 825 by the Nestorian Christians Mar Sabor and Mar Proth with sanction from Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal, the king of the independent Venad or the State of Quilon, a feudatory under the Chera kingdom.

What does Kollam mean?

Wiktionary. kollamnoun. Kollam, a city on the Malabar Coast in India. Etymology: Malayalam: കൊല്ലം, Ekāllam; from Sanskrit: kollam (“pepper”)

What is Tehsil in Kollam?

Block covers several gram panchayats, local administrative unit at the village level. Pathanapuram is the largest taluka in kollam district by area while Kollam is the largest taluka by population. Kunnathur is the smallest taluka in kollam district by both area and population. There are 5 talukas in Kollam district.

How many divisions are there in Kollam corporation?

55 divisions
Councils. The KMC consists of 55 divisions or councils spread across its seven zones.

Who is the MLA of Kollam?

Kollam Assembly constituency

Current MLA Mukesh
Party CPI(M)
Alliance LDF
Elected year 2021