How many stations are there from Borivali to Virar?

How many stations are there from Borivali to Virar?

It has 6 halts. 6 intermediate Stations between Borivali and Virar Covering a total distance of 26 km in 0h 36m time.

How can I go to Borivali from Virar?

The fastest way to get from Borivali West to Vasai-Virar is to taxi. Taking this option will cost ₹1,300 – ₹1,600 and takes 27 min. Is there a direct train between Borivali West and Vasai-Virar? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Borivali and arriving at Nala Sopara.

What are the stations after Virar?

Top 10 stations in District – Palghar

Station Name Distance
1 Vasai Road (BSR) Dist – Palghar (Maharashtra) 8 kms
2 Dahanu Road (DRD) Dist – Palghar (Maharashtra)
3 Palghar (PLG) Dist – Palghar (Maharashtra) 27 kms
4 Virar (VR) Dist – Palghar (Maharashtra)

Which station comes after Borivali?


Western line
# Station Name Station Code
22 Borivali BO/BVI
23 Dahisar DIC
24 Mira Road MIRA

Which best buses are running in Mumbai?

In Mumbai there are seven bus lines: BEST, KDMT, KMT, MBMT, NMMT, TMT, and, VVMT. BEST is the company that primarily operates the public bus transport service in Mumbai and runs multiple number of city buses. TMT runs many buses between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Geetanagar on daily basis.

Which station is after Borivali?

What are C buses?

Some prefixes have straightforward meanings: C stands for Central; X stands for Express routes; N denotes a Night Bus. With others, the prefix letter designates the place around which the route clusters.