How much are Raiders season tickets 2021?

How much are Raiders season tickets 2021?

$650 to $4,500
Las Vegas Raiders 2021 Season Tickets Season ticket prices range from $650 to $4,500, and PSLs range from $500 to $75,000.

Where can I get cheap Raiders tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Raiders tickets is always going to be from a secure online platform that connects fans and resellers. These ticket marketplaces often have some of the cheapest ticket prices and are the easiest way to shop for Las Vegas Raiders tickets.

Will Raiders allow fans in 2021?

The Las Vegas Raiders will require all attendees at home games to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination through CLEAR’s free mobile app and Health Pass feature, allowing fans to attend games without wearing a mask. Read more about our COVID-19 Protocols here and Alternate Screening entry here.

Will Raiders ticket prices drop?

The Las Vegas Raiders are slated to open up their regular season at home Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens. Even since the NFL schedule was released, this has been among the most in-demand games from a ticket perspective.

Is Raiders stadium on the strip?

Where is Las Vegas Raiders Stadium? Allegiant Stadium is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, directly west of Interstate-15 between the Russell Rd. and Tropicana Ave. exits.

How many suites does Allegiant Stadium have?

In what is the coolest football stadium ever designed, fans craving a VIP experience will be thrilled with the executive seating options at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. There are 128 executive suites on three different levels in the stadium, plus 44 Loge Boxes.

Why are NFL tickets so expensive?

As long as there are more people willing to purchase the tickets that the actual tickets being sold, the buyers will be forced to treat them as a high commodity. Thus, the NFL tickets are so expensive due to the popularity of the sport.

What does PSL mean in football?

personal seat license
A personal seat license, or PSL, is a paid license that entitles the holder to the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in a stadium.

Why are there no fans at the Raiders game?

During the 2020 NFL season, the Las Vegas Raiders opened up their new home, Allegiant Stadium, in front of no fans. Due to COVID-19, the NFL was not allowing fans in the stands, and without their home crowd, they ended up with a 2-6 record.

Do Raiders play at Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium is a domed stadium located in Paradise, Nevada, United States. It serves as the home stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Rebels college football team.

How much are Raiders tickets face value?

RAIDERS: The average Raiders home ticket is $153.47 — the most expensive average ticket in the 32-team NFL.

How much will Raiders tickets be?

Average ticket price for Las Vegas Raiders home games from 2006 to 2021 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Average ticket price in U.S. dollars
2021 153.47
2020* 153.47
2019 87.78
2018 81.75

Why buy Raiders black hole tickets on CheapTickets?

Buy Raiders Black Hole tickets on CheapTickets for an exciting NFL experience, and the chance to see that famous Black Hole for yourself. Since the start of the 2020-2021 football season, The Raiders have officially moved out of Oakland, CA and into Las Vegas, NV. Their new home is now at the Allegiant Stadium.

Do other NFL teams fear the ‘black hole’ in Oakland?

Teams from around the league have been taught to fear the “the Black Hole” in Oakland. Fans who buy Oakland Raiders season tickets dress in black and silver from head-to-toe in support of their Raiders.

Can you see all of the Oakland Raiders home games?

Attending a game is a truly unique experience and with an order of Raiders season tickets, fans can see all of the team’s home games this year. Teams from around the league have been taught to fear the “the Black Hole” in Oakland. Fans who buy Oakland Raiders season tickets dress in black and silver from head-to-toe in support of their Raiders.

Where to find Oakland Raiders season tickets for 2022?

Oakland Raiders Season Tickets Events Show More Find Raiders Season Tickets For 2022 Fans in the Bay area are always on the look out for Raiders season tickets and Vivid Seats is currently listing a diverse collection of season packages online at Vivid Seats.