How much cottonseed do you feed a cow?

How much cottonseed do you feed a cow?

Limit feeding whole cottonseed to about 6.0 pounds per cow per day since the fat content is 18 percent. Six pounds of whole cottonseed will yield approximately 1.0 pounds of fat, which is about the maximum recommended from oilseeds.

How much does cotton seed cost?

Currently, for the 2018/19 marketing year, USDA’s Farm Service Agency projects a marketing year average seed cotton price of 36.37 cents per pound and a program payment of 0.4 cents per pound. The marketing year average seed cotton price is a weighted average price based on upland cotton and cottonseed prices.

How much does cotton seed meal cost?

Cottonseed Meal 50 lb.

1 – 9 units $19.50 ea.
10 + units $18.50 ea.

Is cottonseed meal good for cattle?

Cottonseed meal is a common source of protein in beef cattle diets and is usually cheaper than soybean meal. Cottonseed meal contains 45 percent protein on a dry matter basis and is an excellent source of supplemental phosphorus (1.2 percent).

How long does cottonseed last?

If stored properly, whole cottonseed can last one to two years under dry conditions before feed out.

How do you feed whole cottonseed to cattle?

The high fat/oil content of whole cottonseed could result in diarrhea if fed at high levels. As with any new feed, cattle may have to be enticed to eat cottonseed, which can be done by top dressing it with molasses or other palatable feed. Cottonseed can be fed without feed processing.

How much is a bag of cottonseed?

Typical seed costs per bag are approximately $150 – 160 which means the grower will be responsible for $75 – $80 per bag for replants. This roughly equals out to $15-$20 per acre.

How much is cottonseed by the ton?

This figure should continue to rise as more 2021 bales are shipped. Cottonseed prices have been equally strong throughout the harvest season averaging $255 per ton in August, $235 per ton in September, and $244 per ton in October.

When should I apply cottonseed meal?

For established lawn care, use cottonseed meal as fertilizer in the spring. Apply cottonseed meal or a mix of ¾ cottonseed meal and ¼ turf grass fertilizer in the amount of 4 to 5 pounds (2 kg.) per 100 square (30 m.) feet.

Will cottonseed make a bull sterile?

Whole cottonseed contains some free gossypol, which can be toxic to some livestock species. However, gossypol toxicity is usually not a concern with beef cattle except for young calves under four months of age and for breeding bulls. Gossypol is known to interfere with male fertility.

What animals eat cottonseed?

Pros: Cottonseed is readily eaten by whitetail (and mule deer) and is very high in crude protein. It is high in fat and oils, is high in digestibility and protein, and little else will eat it (such as raccoons, feral hogs or javelina and most birds).

How many cotton seeds are in a pound?

Commonly for example, there are about 4,000 to 5,000 seeds per pound. If 14 lb. of seed/acre were planted with 4,000 seeds/lb., and if 70% of these seeds successfully emerged, a stand of about 39,200 ppa might be expected.