How much does a 100 foot chain-link fence cost?

How much does a 100 foot chain-link fence cost?

Average Chain-Link Cost Per Foot

Linear Feet 4-foot Tall 6-foot Tall
50 $600 $750
100 $1,200 $1,500
150 $1,800 $2,250
200 $2,400 $3,000

Is a chain-link fence cheaper than wood?

Even with their separate components – including metal stakes, galvanized posts, brackets and tie wires – chain link fences are almost always cheaper to purchase and install than wood, regardless of the type of lumber in consideration.

How much does 4 foot chain link fence cost?

A 4- to 6-foot chain-link fence costs $9 to $28 per foot installed. Chain-link fence materials cost $4 to $15 per foot, plus $5 to $15 per foot for labor. Prices depend on height (3′ to 12′) and material (galvanized, cyclone, black coated).

How much does it cost to install chain link fencing?

How much does it cost to install a chain link fence? Chain link fencing costs on average $7 to $12.00 per linear ft to be installed on your property. Chain link fencing is less expensive than Vinyl fencing or composite fencing. Installation cost is highly dependent on property conditions.

How much does it cost to install chain link fence?

If you want to go it alone, you can install a chain-link fence for $10 to $20 per foot. It will cost about $1,500 for all of the materials. You will likely need to rent equipment to mix and pour the concrete. Expect to spend an additional $25 to $150 per day for tool rentals.

Is chain link fencing cheaper than wood fencing?

The chain-link fence is cheaper than a wood fence. So it is used much more than wood fence today. In the past, the wood fence was a favorite fence type. But today conditions chain link fence is more advantageous. Because; The chain-link fence is more economical than a wood fence.

How much is chain link fence per foot?

Whether you plan to self install or hire a contractor. But as a basic rule of thumb, an installed, four foot high galvanized chain link fence in a major city will cost you anything from around $18 per linear foot, not including any gates, and assuming your site is clear, level and doesn’t have too many corners.