How much does it cost to set up a fideicomiso in Mexico?

How much does it cost to set up a fideicomiso in Mexico?

In most cases, the cost of establishing a Fideicomiso is between USD $2,000 to $3,000. This price includes an establishment fee, the cost of the first year, and a government fee. After that, you can then expect to pay between USD $550 to $1,000 in annual fees to your bank.

How much does it cost to set up a trust in Mexico?

There is an initial fee to set up the trust, which varies depending on property and institution. On average, however, it costs $700 USD. Annual fees also vary depending on the institution.

How long does a fideicomiso last?

The Fideicomiso is a 50-year, renewable bank trust granting a foreign Buyer the right to use, enjoy, improve, rent, sell or otherwise enjoy the property. The foreign Buyer is called the Beneficiary of the Trust.

What is a Mexican trust?

Simply put, a trust is an agreement to transfer property to a third party that will hold title to the property and that will administer the same in favor of designated beneficiaries. A Mexican trust is an agreement entered into pursuant to Mexican legislation.

How long does it take to set up a fideicomiso in Mexico?

two to three months
To get those documents and fill out those forms takes usually a good two or more weeks, so the closing time frame of a Fideicomiso is usually two to three months. CORPORATIONS are simpler. A Mexican corporation can be formed in two weeks with at least two partners.

How does fideicomiso work in Mexico?

In the simplest terms, a Fideicomiso is a bank trust that allows you to invest in any Mexican property and own it as a beneficiary. Its main idea is that you have all the rights of real estate ownership while a Mexican bank holds the legal title to it as your trustee.

How does Fideicomiso work in Mexico?

How long does it take to get a Fideicomiso?

How long does it take to complete a fideicomiso? To request a permit and complete the process may take five to six weeks.

Is a Fideicomiso the deed?

The primary purpose of a fideicomiso is to satisfy the Mexican Constitution by bestowing the legal title of the property in the name of the trustee. The trustee’s responsibility is to hold and transfer title deed under the direction of the beneficiary (buyer).

How do I pay for fideicomiso?

How can I pay my annual fee? The payment can be made at the bank that holds your fideicomiso, or you can obtain instructions from your bank on how to make a wire transfer.

Is a fideicomiso safe?

Buying through a fideicomiso is a secure way to purchase property, your property is not an asset of the bank, even if the bank enters into bankruptcy your property will not be considered a bank asset. The buyer has all the legal rights of a property owner; they may sell, renovate, or rent as they wish.

Do I need a fideicomiso?

All foreign individuals purchasing property in a restricted zone (within 100 km of the Mexican border or 50 km from the coast) must purchase the property using a fideicomiso (bank trust). Fideicomisos should be considered by foreigners who: ✔ Will use their property for personal use (will not receive rental income).