How much is a 6 pack of UDLS?

How much is a 6 pack of UDLS?

Add 1 UDL Vodka & Passionfruit Can 375mL 6 Pack for $21.50.

How much alcohol in a UDL can?

Vodka & Passionfruit 4.5% Can 375mL. Tropical passionfruit flavours are expertly blended with vodka and soda to create a sweet and refreshing drink.

What’s in a UDL drink?

UDL Vodka & Passiofruit, the sweet and vibrant flavour of passionfruit is blended with soda and Vodka in this refreshing premixed drink.

How much is a 24 pack of cruisers?


Carton Price: $79.98 each
2 Cartons: $74.98 each (total $149.96)

How many cans of UDL are in a carton?

Product Details UDL Vodka & Raspberry are pre-mixed, ready to drink cans with Vodka that is bursting with beautiful summer raspberries. Convenient and refreshing. 375mL Cans x 24.

What does UDL taste like?

UDL cocktails: the range The sparkling drinks are available in two flavours totally inspired by the 80s: blue lagoon and pina colada. Blue lagoon is described as “a deliciously fizzy mix of vodka, blue lemonade and orange”, while pina colada is made from “vodka, pineapple, white rum and coconut”.

What is the best UDL flavour?

UDL, Green Apple. Unlike the ouzo flavour of UDL, I can actually drink more than two sips of green apple. It’s fresh and a little sour, but by far the best UDL flavour, don’t even @ me.

Is UDL Australian owned?

United Distillers Limited, more commonly known as UDL – is an Australian brand of pre-mixed alcohol, UDL was formed in 1965 by two Australian men.

Can cruisers get you drunk?

Some haters will claim that Cruisers can’t get you into a drunken state, but that’s not true. The drinks are only one standard drink each, but they are so easy to drink that before you know it, you will have downed the entire six-pack by the time 10 o’clock rolls around.

Who makes UDL cans?

United Distillers & Vintners own three of the four best-selling brands in Stoli Lemon Ruski, UDL and Bundy & Cola, which have a combined 50 per cent share of the pre-mixed spirits market.

What do Aussie teens drink?

The definitive ranking of the cheap booze Australian teens drink:

  1. #1. Midori, Illusion.
  2. #2. Vodka Cruiser, Juicy Watermelon.
  3. #3. UDL, Green Apple.
  4. #4. Lemon Ruskies.
  5. #5. Jim Beam, Bourbon Whisky & Cola.
  6. #6. Sling Shots, Blazing Cowboy.
  7. #7. Gossips, Sweet Lips Pink Moscato.
  8. #8. Passion Pop, Original.