How much is a Hino truck in the Philippines?

How much is a Hino truck in the Philippines?

₱3.775 Million
In Philippines, Hino sells 20 trucks which include 6 Tipper, 6 Tractor Head Trailer, 5 Box Body, 4 Deck Body. The highest priced model is the FL10 at ₱3.775 Million while the FL10 at ₱3.775 Million is the lowest….Hino Trucks Price List.

Hino Models Price List
Hino FL10 ₱3.775 Million

How much is a Hino 500?

Hino 500 Series

Hino 500 Series Retail Price
Hino 500 1326 FC R969,025
Hino 500 1322 4X4 DWA FC R1,230,673
Hino 500 1322 4X4 SWA FC R1,251,787
Hino 500 1627 4X2 TIP R1,097,986

Are Hino and Isuzu the same?

This OEM agreement has been concluded between Hino Motors Sales U.S.A. Inc., a Hino’s consolidated subsidiary and Isuzu North America Corporation, an Isuzu’s consolidated subsidiary.

Is Hino better than Isuzu?

The Hino 195 has a stronger frame than the Isuzu NRR – 56,900 verses 44,000 PSI, with a greater Resisting Bending Moment – 422,900 in. -lb vs 316,800 in. -lb, making the Hino’s frame approximately 32% stronger then Isuzu’s.

How much is a Hino 300 4×4?

Kicking off from $81,134 (plus on-road costs), the 300 817 4×4 doesn’t come with a tray on the rear, so expect that price to climb by the time you fit a tray like the one on our test vehicle.

Who owns Hino Philippines?

Established in March 1975, HINO MOTORS PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (HMP), formerly Pilipinas Hino, Inc., is a joint-venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd. and Marubeni Corp. of Japan. Originally majority-owned by the local partner, HMP has been relaunched under the new majority ownership of Hino Motors, Ltd.

What is load capacity of Hino 500?

between 7380 and 17780 kg
FOR MEDIUM AND LONG-HAUL DISTANCES, THE HINO 500 SERIES IS THE ANSWER TO HASSLE-FREE TRANSPORT. The Hino 500 Series has the power and performance you need, and an approximate body and payload allowance of between 7380 and 17780 kg.

Is Hino a Toyota?

A HISTORY OF MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE. Hino Motors Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hino Motors, Ltd. (Japan) and a Toyota Group Company. For four decades, Hino Motors, Ltd. has proudly manufactured the number one selling medium and heavy-duty truck in Japan.

Is Hino a good truck?

Hino engines rank highest in customer satisfaction for a fifth consecutive year with a score of 801 and performs particularly well in control module; ease of access for service or maintenance; engine reliability and dependability; average fuel economy; and engine warranty.

What does Hino stand for?


Acronym Definition
HINO Husband in Name Only