How much is the owner of Trago Mills worth?

How much is the owner of Trago Mills worth?

The man who runs Falmouth’s Trago Mills store, which also has branches in Liskeard and Newton Abbott, is reputed to have amassed a £130 million fortune.

Is Trago closing?

Trago Mills has announced that it is closing all its store temporarily with no reason being given but says a 12 day sale will take place once they reopen. The company has three other stores as well as its Falmouth site in Arwenack Street, the others are based Newton Abbot, Merthyr Tydfil and Liskeard.

Which is the biggest Trago Mills?

Biggest Shop Ever – Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park, Newton Abbot Traveller Reviews – Tripadvisor.

When did Trago Mills Falmouth open?

We could see non-essential shops, hairdressers, gyms and outdoor hospitality reopen on April 12 if all goes to plan. Founded in the 1960s by Mike Robertson and his wife Pam, the stores in Liskeard, Newton Abbot and Helston, before the move to Falmouth, were at the forefront of discount retailing in the UK.

Who is the owner of Trago Mills?

Bruce Robertson
Trago Mills (often known simply as Trago) is a chain of four department stores in south Cornwall, south Devon in England, and south Wales….Trago Mills.

Type Private
Number of locations 4 (Falmouth, Liskeard, Newton Abbot, Merthyr Tydfil)
Area served South West England and South Wales
Owner Bruce Robertson

Who founded Trago Mills?

Mike Robertson
Founded in the 1960s by Mike Robertson and his wife Pam, Trago Mills was at the vanguard of discount retailing in the UK and now has three stores – in Liskeard and Falmouth in Cornwall, and Newton Abbot in Devon.

Is Trago Mills Newton Abbot open during lockdown?

The famous Trago Mills store at Newton Abbot is reopening after lockdown with some major changes in store and reduced opening hours. The Build Centre opened on Monday (May 11) and now staff are preparing to open the huge garden centre.

Who was the founder of Trago Mills?

The founder of Trago, Mike Robertson, had ventured to Cornwall during the 1950s, after his wife, Gina, a decorated Belgian Resistance member, had died in her late twenties. Mike arrived in Polperro, distraught by his loss, with three-year-old son Bruce left in the care of his grandmother in Kettering.

Why is it called Trago Mills?

He said: “As is the way, fate then stepped in and one day in 1962 Mike was driving through the Glynn Valley when he saw a chap working on the road, clearing drains. He stopped and asked him about the shanty land hidden in the trees and was told it had been a gunpowder works called Trago Mills.

How many Trago Mills stores are there?

However its unique settings both in its original location at Liskeard and outlet at Falmouth make it a surprising experience – to say the least. Essentially Trago Mills itself offers a mix of home and garden products, alongside various other types of products throughout its 38 different departments.

Who owns Trago?