How old is Scott Windsor in Emmerdale?

How old is Scott Windsor in Emmerdale?

Scott Windsor Emmerdale Wiki, Age, Profession, Career, Family, Height, Weight

Real Name Scott Windsor Emmerdale
Age 40 Years
Height In centimeters- 157 cm In meters- 1.97 m In Feet Inches-6.6”
Weight In Kilograms- 75 kg In Pounds- 130 lbs
Eye Colour Black

What happened to Kelly Windsor baby in Emmerdale?

After writing letters to her family and admitting to the affair on tape, Kelly attempts suicide. She is saved but loses the baby she was carrying, unsure if the father was Scott or Roy.

What is Toby Cockerell doing now?

Now age 45 and married again, having moved back to his hometown London, since 2014 Toby has worked as a product manager at his wife’s company, Zoe Rene Limited.

Who plays Scott Windsor in Emmerdale?

actor Ben Freeman
Where Emmerdale Scott Windsor actor Ben Freeman is now 14 years after soap exit. We’ve taken a look at what former Emmerdale hunk Ben Freeman has been up to since his character Scott Windsor left the village.

What is Scott from Emmerdale doing now?

Since leaving the soap, actor Ben Freeman, 36, took to the stage, playing the part of the Prince in Romeo and Juliet, Warner in the final cast of Legally Blonde and Norman in Dreamboats and Petticoats.

Why did Scott leave Emmerdale?

In early 2007, Scott Windsor was written out due to the court case of Freeman’s rape allegations. Freeman was expected to return but it had not been confirmed if he would return to the show, he had been absent since January 2007. On 16 December 2007 Digital Spy confirmed that Ben Freeman had been axed from Emmerdale.

What happened to Scott in Emmerdale?

Why did Roy Glover go to jail?

Once married, Roy and Kelly suffered financial difficulties and took cleaning jobs. Kelly stole some jewellery from one of their clients and held a dinner party at their home and the police were called. In order to protect Kelly, Roy took the blame for the theft and was jailed.

Where is Scott Windsor from Emmerdale now?

Since leaving his role on Emmerdale behind, Ben went on to star in a host of stage shows including The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the West End. As well as appearing in films across the pond in America, he also recently bagged a short role in Doctors as a police officer.

What happened to Scott Windsor Emmerdale?

What happened Scott Windsor?

Scott was almost killed when a fireball hit Kim’s Stables, Home Farm. None of the Windsors were killed but in January 1994, Scott was left traumatized by the crash. In June 1994, Scott’s father Reg came to Emmerdale to get revenge on Viv and was shot dead by police after shooting Shirley Turner.