Is alconox a disinfectant?

Is alconox a disinfectant?

Alconox Inc. does not have disinfectant claims on any detergents, including the Tergazyme® Enzyme Active Powdered Detergent. However, any thorough cleaning and rinse with a well-built aqueous detergent (like all Alconox Inc. detergents) will leave the surface in a minimal (if not zero) bioburden state.

Does Alconox expire?

Alconox, Inc. detergents have a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

What is alconox detergent used for?

Alconox®: Precision cleaner is a powder detergent used for ultrasonic medical device and plastic/metal parts cleaning and medical device validation.

Does alconox expire?

Can you use alconox on plastic?

Surfaces cleaned: Corrosion inhibited, residue-free formulation recommended for glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, grout, plastic, rubber and fiberglass. Can be used on soft metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium if rinsed promptly. Corrosion testing may be advisable.

Does Liquinox expire?

Q. What is the shelf life of the Liquinox concentrate? A. Liquinox conforms to its 2 year shelf life under typical laboratory storage conditions…

Is alconox an anionic cleaner?

ALCONOX INC. COSMETIC CLEANERS MAKE SHORT WORK OF SILICON, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, AND OTHER HARD-TO-CLEAN RESIDUES Cleaning proteins is easy with Tergazyme® Enzyme Active Powdered Detergent. This detergent is a concentrated, anionic detergent with a proteolytic enzyme for manual and ultrasonic cleaning.

What is alconox used for?

Excellent for organic and oily residues in addition to enhanced removal of proteinaceous soils, tissue, biofilms, blood and bodily fluids from glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, elastomers and fiberglass with no interfering residues. Alconox Inc. is dedicated to being the leader in critical cleaning detergents.

What is non-ionic cleaner?

Non-ionic, low foaming cleaner for high performance from your cleaning machinery without damaging washer parts Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval