Is folding spacetime possible?

Is folding spacetime possible?

For this reason, physicists think that travel great distances by “folding space” is highly unlikely to be possible. But suppose it were possible. There would be no limit to how far one could travel in space in almost an instant.

What does it mean to fold space and time?

Fold space is the dimension in which Guild heighliners travel allowing them to go faster than the speed of light. When going through folded space, the heighliner travels in-between the fabric(s) of space and time, enabling it to enter another, separate dimension separate from our space-time continuum.

Is bending space possible?

Large objects such as the Sun and planets aren’t the only masses that warp the fabric of space-time. Anything with mass—including your body—bends this four-dimensional cosmic grid. The warp, in turn, creates the effect of gravity, redirecting the path of objects that travel into it.

Can we distort space-time?

Since matter carries energy (via Einstein’s famous relation that energy is mass times the speed of light squared), such objects will have a gravitational field and so they will distort space-time. So one way in which a charge or a magnet will distort space-time is by virtue of its matter.

Is FTL speed possible?

If humanity ever wants to travel easily between stars, people will need to go faster than light. But so far, faster-than-light travel is possible only in science fiction. In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, humanity can travel from planet to planet, star to star or across the universe using jump drives.

What is the theory of folding space?

The wormhole theory postulates that a theoretical passage through space-time could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity.

Is the multiverse possible?

Unfortunately, no. Scientists don’t think it’s possible to travel between universes, at least not yet. “Unless a whole lot of physics we know that’s pretty solidly established is wrong, you can’t travel to these multiverses,” Siegfried says.

Who proved Tachyon is faster than light?

E. C. George Sudarshan

George Sudarshan
Alma mater CMS College Kottayam Madras Christian College University of Madras University of Rochester
Known for Coherent states Optical equivalence theorem Glauber–Sudarshan representation GKSL equation V-A theory Tachyon Quantum Zeno effect Open quantum system Spin–statistics theorem