Is Quilpie a good place to live?

Is Quilpie a good place to live?

Quilpie is a welcoming town and well worth a visit. We commented to the local butcher that Quilpie would be a good place to live. The butcher replied, “We like it here”. The lookout is a few kilometres west of town and recommended.

How do you get free land in Quilpie?

Quilpie Shire Council is offering $12,500 to anyone who buys land and builds a new home that is valued at less than $750,000 and that they live in for six months. But with blocks of land selling for as little as $12,500, it means homeowners could basically receive the land for free.

Is Quilpie a mining town?

You need a mining licence which can be obtained from the Quilpie Mining Register. The area has been successfully mined since the 1880s. There is a pleasant walk – the Bulloo River Walk – where it is possible to inspect many of the district’s native bird and plant species.

Why did the town of Quilpie make this unusual offer?

The idea for the grant offer came from Justin Hancock, head of the town council. The 30-year-old spent six months in a retirement home when he first arrived in Quilpie this year because of the area’s housing shortage. Quilpie has recently needed workers in healthcare and education.

Is Australian land cheap?

In the nation’s most expensive city, Sydney, the median price for a square metre of vacant land is nudging $1000, while in the next most expensive city, Perth, it’s a tick over $700, according to research by the Housing Industry Association.

What river runs through Quilpie QLD?

The Bulloo River
Quilpie, Quilpie Area The Bulloo River is an ideal spot to relax under a shady tree and birdwatch whilst the natural sounds of the bush.

Where is Australia’s free land?

Tiny outback town’s offer of ‘free land’ draws interest from the coast to Hong Kong. It was only ever intended as a solution to a housing crisis in the tiny, outback town of Quilpie, in south-west Queensland.

What is the population of the Shire of Quilpie?

Quilpie Shire. Population. The Estimated Resident Population of the Quilpie Shire was 790 as of the 30th June 2018. The Estimated Resident Population (ERP) is the official population of the area.

What are the demographics of Quilpie (State Suburbs)?

In Quilpie (State Suburbs), of people aged 15 years and over, 40.0% of people were in a registered marriage and 21.5% were in a de facto marriage. In Quilpie (State Suburbs), 24.9% of people were attending an educational institution. Of these, 45.2% were in primary school, 9.7% in secondary school and 14.8% in a tertiary or technical institution.

What is the most common ethnicity in Quilpie?

The most common ancestries in Quilpie (State Suburbs) were Australian 37.3%, English 27.9%, Irish 11.6%, German 6.7% and Scottish 6.5%. Respondents had the option of reporting up to two ancestries on their Census form, and this is captured by the Ancestry Multi Response (ANCP) variable used in this table.

What are the key facts of Quilpie?

It covers an area of 67,415 square kilometres (26,029 sq mi), and its administrative centre is the town of Quilpie . The dominant industry is grazing.