Is Thacholi Othenan real?

Is Thacholi Othenan real?

Another legendary warrior from North Kerala at the end of the 16th century. Highly stylised songs and stories of his valor and chivalry abound. He lived some 500 years ago.

Was Thacholi Othenan a Nair?

Thacholi Chandu was a warrior and a legendary hero who is believed to have lived during 17 th century in North Malabar region of Kerala, India. He belonged to the Thacholi family of Nair community.

Who was Vasakara?

In legend, Vatakara is the birthplace of Unniyarcha, Aromal Chekavar, and Thacholi Othenan, the heroes of the Vadakkanpattu (ballads of North Malabar). The Thacholi family home, Thacholi Tharavadu, is still preserved and the anniversary of Thacholi Othenan’s birth is celebrated in the Thacholi Manikkothu Kavu temple.

Who wrote Vadakkan Pattu?

Like most traditional Kalaripayattu practitioners, she began training at the kalari at the age of seven….Unniyarcha.

Puthooram Veetil Unniyarcha
Born Unniyarcha 16th century Kadathanad
Other names Puthooram Putri
Nationality Indian
Style Kalaripayattu

Who is Chandu?

Chandu Chekavar, (Chathiyan Chanthu, also known as Chandu Panicker), was a sixteenth-century warrior of the Chekavar family from the Hindu Thiyyar caste, mentioned in the folk songs of Northern Kerala called Vadakkan Pattukal.

How old is Lokanarkavu Temple?

Lokanarkavu Temple is an ancient Hindu temple situated in Memunda 4 km from Vatakara, in Kozhikode District, North Malabar region of Kerala state of south India….

Lokanarkavu Temple
Completed Records indicate the temple to be 1500 years old

Is Ezhavas a Hindu?

The Ezhavas (Malayalam pronunciation: ​[iːɻɐʋɐ]) are a community with origins in the region of India presently known as Kerala, where in the 2010s they constituted about 23% of the population and were reported to be the largest Hindu community.

What is the story of Othenan?

The man and warrior Othenan belonged to a family who were dedicated to a Temple called Lokanarkavu. Here he organised a festival every year in dedication to the goddess. He alone was responsible for the festival and everything that went on during it. Kathirur Gurukkal (A master of Kalaripayattu) and many of his students attended the festival.

What is the name of the brother of Othenan?

KALARIPAYATTU WARRIORS: In Kadathanadu there is a very famous family called the Thacholi Manikoth, Othenan was born into this family. His father was the lord of Puthupanam. Thacholi Othenan had one elder brother whose name was Komapan, and a younger sister named Unichara.

Who is Thacholi Othenan?

Thacholi Othenan (Sathyan) was born into the royal family of Manikoth Kovilakom in Malabar. Othenan was trained in ‘kalarippayattu’, the ancient martial art form of Kerala, from a very young age. He grew up to become an extraordinarily brave and skilled warrior.

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