Is there a hidden scene in James Bond?

Is there a hidden scene in James Bond?

The quick answer is “No.” As the credits roll, there are no extra scenes that tease or set up a future for this iteration of Bond. However, even as the film presents a conclusive ending for Craig’s Bond, the iconic line “James Bond will return” still appears at the end of the credits.

Was James Bond shot on film?

Replay: The 25th James Bond movie was shot on celluloid, making it part of a small group of productions that choose to keep using the traditional medium despite digital becoming the dominant acquisition format in 2013.

How can Bond be dead?

Bond met his demise after becoming infected with Safin’s DNA-tagged virus, which meant that he would be unable to see his daughter again without killing her, being blown up by missiles at Safin’s secret island lair.

What was skyfall shot on?

From 2.8K to IMAX However, Skyfall was shot on three digital cameras: ALEXA Studio, ALEXA Plus, and ALEXA M, with a resolution of 2.8 (ARRIRAW). Nevertheless, it was upscaled for the huge canvas (IMAX).

How many times has James Bond been shot?

After being shot at roughly 5,000 times as an agent for his Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond keeps saving the world.

Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the James Bond movies?

With such a long and storied history, there are plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the James Bond movies to dig into. In its many, many years of existence, there has been a massive growth in the James Bond franchise.

Who is the face of James Bond in the movies?

Like Bond himself, the character has gone through a variety of faces, from John Cleese to Ben Whishaw in the 2000s. However, once upon a time, Desmond Llewelyn was the face of the character for seventeen films in a row, with plans to continue indefinitely.

Which James Bond actor had the best time when the cameras?

Judging by these photos, George Lazenby had the best time when the cameras weren’t rolling. Eon Productions has been making James Bond films since 1962.

What are some of the strangest moments in the Bond franchise?

One of the strangest occurrences in the Bond franchise comes from 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. With a great deal of filming taking place in Egypt, the crew had to be accompanied by a representative from the government of the country, who would make sure that the country was seen in a positive light.