Is there such a word as actioned?

Is there such a word as actioned?

to do something to deal with a particular problem or matter: I’ll just run through the minutes of the last meeting, raising those points that still have to be actioned.

Is it correct to say actioned?

You can use “actioned” any time someone has completed an activity. Prior to that, it is also correct to say the activity has yet to be “actioned.” Remember that it’s most likely to hear it in business environments or where someone is compiling task lists.

Is actioned a verb?

Verb form of the word action. They actioned all the necessary and vital facets of the business objectives and achieved so much.

What does it mean to action on something?

1. To take active steps toward accomplishing or completing something. We’ll need to take action on this issue before the end of the week. The company has promised to take action on the committee’s recommendations immediately.

What is another word for actioned?

What is another word for actioned?

enacted acted on
effected fulfilled
implemented performed
actionized acted upon
carried out completed

How do you use actioned in a sentence?

Actions sentence example

  1. Her actions had clearly taken him by surprise.
  2. He should view their actions as clearing the way for him.
  3. Actions spoke louder than words.
  4. Cade should accept the responsibility of his actions as well.

What is the past tense of action?

Action verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
action actioning actioned

Has been actioned meaning?

completion of a set task or request. “Actioned” is a commonly used term within eneterprise referring to the completion of tasks or allocated jobs. eg – The list of tasks have been actioned from the last meeting and are now ready for review.

What’s another word for actionable?

What is another word for actionable?

practical functional
working usable
useable serviceable
workable applicable
applicative applied

What is another word for actionable?

What is another word for taking action?

“We need to take action immediately before the matter gets out of hand.”…What is another word for take action?

act react
take measures take steps
work get moving
make a move make a start
take the initiative get down to