Key Clues to Write a Successful Personal Statement

It is always difficult to make a good piece of written work, especially such a specific unit as a personal statement. This kind of writing must give a precise idea of you and your abilities. If you want to succeed in it, we hope that our article will be beneficial for you.

Think before you write

First of all, each applicant should think over his or her statement. You must know what you are going to write about. If you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it, use the internet. There are a lot of guides on how to do it. You can even find ready personal statement. Look them through and try to create anything alike. Before writing, learn as much as possible about the position you are applying for. Study the terms and requirements. Make a short plan, not to forget anything. For each item of a plan write some keywords. Be attentive, don’t write complex phrases. Try to complete it with one or two keywords. Think about logical connections between the parts. A well-organized personal statement increases your chance to get a favourable position. Be logical and follow the paragraph division.

The general structure of a personal statement

Applicants must remember that every piece of writing has its own structure. A personal statement is a specific form that requires much thinking. Your personal statement must contain the following parts:

  1. Introduction. It is the most important part of your statement. In this part, you should explain clearly why you decided to apply for the position. It is always good if you show your knowledge of the subject from the very beginning. State some facts about the subject you are applying for.
  2. The main part. In the main part, you should present yourself as the best applicant. Write about the experience you have on the subject. Don’t forget to mention your skills on the subject and academic achievements. Note your hobbies and expectations. Even be a member of a volunteer organization can lead to success. Share your abilities to overcome difficulties (but don’t a complaint), everybody loves a strong personality.
  3. Conclusion. Finally, sum up everything you have written. Pay attention to your strongest points to make everybody believe that you are the best candidate. Write it short and precise.

The importance of literary writing

Every year thousands of applicants write personal statements. It is easy to get lost among them. In this part, we will give a piece of advice on how to write it effectively.

  1. Use simple language, but follow the style. Choose the vocabulary thoroughly, because it produces a great impression on readers. It is no good using slang or irrelevant terms. Don’t write long sentences. They must be easy to catch. Try to sound positive, but not arrogant. Avoid joking, because a sense of humour is a special thing for everybody.
  2. No mistakes are allowed. Remember that getting a position depends only on you. Academic literacy emphasizes your serious intentions. Making mistakes crosses everything out.
  3. Proofreading. After writing a personal statement read it once again. As it has been mentioned, mistakes decrease the value of your efforts. Your writing must be coherent and easy to understand. If you have some problems, think about putting your ideas in a different way.

If you think that your personal statement is badly written, don’t get into a panic. There are some possible way-outs. There are a lot of professional personal statement writing services that can help you. Professional writers can help you make your writing acceptable. But mind that they work for money, though the price is not high. You can also order a full piece of writing if your experience is rather poor. Efficient writers can do all the work for you. The only thing you need is to give them the exact information and pay some money. So, we hope our article will be a good start in your academic achievements.