Step-by-step recommendations for a really strong argumentative essay writing

The argumentative essay is the basis of all future academic research papers of the student. Unlike all other types of student work, this type of essay is remarkable for the need to thoroughly examine the subject being studied. When writing an argumentative essay, it is not enough to list all the pros and cons in the thesis under study. This type of essay is characterized by a deep, comprehensive analysis of each of the opposing points of view. When writing an argumentative essay, the student is faced with the task of showing his/her possibility of a reasoned denial of the opposite point of view, not on the basis of personal impressions, but based on the analysis of the object being studied. It is important to be able to formulate convincing strong arguments in favor of your point of view, even considering the presence of strong arguments from your opponent.

Usually, a well-founded argumentative essay is a kind of text that contains a point of view on a particular object being studied. However, it is important to know that such a point of view must necessarily be supported by certain arguments, facts, data. As a rule, in addition to the point of view, aggravated by arguments, the author should present an alternative existing point of view.

It should come as no surprise that this type of essay is characterized by a certain set of requirements. Therefore, we present to your attention the main tips for step by step quality argumentative essay writing that will save you from making unnecessary mistakes when writing this type of paper.

Read the given topic carefully, consider the choice of interest to you

It is very important to consciously approach this stage of choice or familiarization with the topic. In the case of the presence of a ready-made topic, it is necessary immediately to familiarize oneself with it practically on the spot, in order, if possible, to clarify all inaccuracies and obscure details with the teacher. Your main task is to understand what to write about. If you can personally choose a topic for writing an argumentative essay, you should carefully consider what is interesting to investigate exactly for you. In this case, your main task is to choose a topic that would be included in the circle of your interests, basic ideas about which you would already have and which, undoubtedly, would fascinate you. The author who is fascinated by his/her research is doomed to success.

Match all the possible arguments in favor of or against your  personal point of view

It is necessary to estimate all possible arguments on the issue being studied. Perhaps in the course of the selection of arguments, it will happen that you will choose the exact opposite of the original one. However, during the presentation of the arguments, it is important to focus the attention of the listeners on a side which you support, reinforcing it with arguments, data, perhaps numbers.

Pick up clear facts

The facts in the argumentative essay serve as reinforcement for any of your chosen arguments. They make your position confident and while the presentation of your point of view more convincing to others. It is important to remember that in order for arguments to be convincing, facts must be verified, illustrative, visual, well-understood, and authoritative. In this case, when writing an argumentative essay, supporting facts are often taken from scientific journals, lecture manuals, and educational literature. The main thing is to make sure the truth and quality of the source of information before its use.

Feel free to start writing!

When the previous stages have been completed, the arguments and facts confirming them are selected, feel free to touch upon writing your qualitative, argumentative essay directly. Remember, like any other type of essay or paper, an argumentative essay is divided into three logical parts: introduction, main part and conclusions.

Don’t be afraid to double-check your essay

When writing any essay, and even more so while argumentative essay writing, do not forget to set aside a separate time to check your essay. Perhaps you could make mistakes, whether orthographic, grammatical or lexical. Do not be afraid to recheck once again, because it is important to be sure that you expressed your thoughts the way you wanted, and nothing will prevent success.

Formulating your thoughts, do not:

  • Make up facts confirming your position. It is unlikely that you will be able to deceive the audience, and it will certainly look silly and unethical.
  • Show extra emotions. Such an essay does not imply the expression of your feelings. Here only positions and facts are important.

Thus, we see that adhering to the step-by-step recommendation, writing a really strong, argumentative essay becomes quite feasible. Finally, always remember that an argumentative essay, unlike other types of essay, requires more in-depth research.