Was there ever a Midnight Train to Georgia?

Was there ever a Midnight Train to Georgia?

Written by Jim Weatherly, and included on the Pips’ 1973 LP Imagination, “Midnight Train to Georgia” became the group’s first single to top the Billboard Hot 100….Midnight Train to Georgia.

“Midnight Train to Georgia”
Label Buddah
Songwriter(s) Jim Weatherly
Producer(s) Tony Camillo & Gladys Knight & the Pips Engineer/Mixer Ed Stasium

Who is the song Midnight Train to Georgia written about?

There’s an unexpected twist to the journey Weatherly took in writing “Midnight Train to Georgia.” It began with a 1970 phone call to a friend, actor Lee Majors, whose then girlfriend, Farah Fawcett, answered the phone.

Who wrote Midnight Train to Georgia lyrics?

Jim WeatherlyMidnight Train to Georgia / LyricistJames Dexter Weatherly was an American singer-songwriter who wrote mostly pop and country music. He played quarterback at the University of Mississippi while also writing music with his own bands. He subsequently chose songwriting over a football career. Wikipedia

Are the Pips still living?

Gladys Knight & the Pips member Edward Patten died early this morning (Feb. 25) at a suburban Detroit hospital, according to his cousin William Guest, another member of the group. He was 65. Patten, an Atlanta native who lived in Detroit, died at a hospital in Michigan from a stroke he suffered a few days before.

Did Gladys Knight wrote Midnight Train to Georgia?

Jim WeatherlyMidnight Train to Georgia / Composer

Who wrote Midnight Train to Georgia Neil Diamond?

Jim WeatherlyMidnight Train To Georgia / Lyricist

What killed Jim Weatherly?

Natural causesJim Weatherly / Cause of death

When did Jim Weatherly pass away?

February 3, 2021Jim Weatherly / Date of death

How is Gladys Knight’s health?

However, in a statement to Rolling Stone, Knight’s rep Jay Schwartz denied that the singer had the disease. “Gladys does not have pancreatic cancer,” Schwartz confirmed. “She is fine!”

What did Jim Weatherly write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) Jim Weatherly 1972
My First Day Without Her Jim Weatherly August 1974
Mississippi Song Jim Weatherly 1972
Midnight Plane to Houston Jim Weatherly 1972