Were Andrew Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton related?

Were Andrew Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton related?

The Pennsylvanian who seems most under-appreciated on a more or less permanent basis is Andrew Hamilton. That is definitely not Alexander Hamilton, nearly a century younger and no relation. Andrew was born in Virginia but moved to Philadelphia in 1716, aged 30.

What is Andrew Hamilton known for?

Andrew Hamilton, (born c. 1676, Scotland—died Aug. 4, 1741, Philadelphia, Pa. [U.S.]), British American colonial lawyer, judge, and public official who defended John Peter Zenger in a case important as the first victory for freedom of the press in the American colonies (1735).

Where was Andrew Hamilton born?

Kingdom of ScotlandAndrew Hamilton / Place of birth
Andrew Hamilton was born in Scotland around 1676 and is believed to have been educated at St. Andrew’s University in Fife. About 1697, using the assumed name of Trent, Hamilton arrived in Accomac County, Virginia and it is believed that he fled Scotland because of his political involvement in the Jacobite cause.

What is the story of Andrew Hamilton?

Andrew Hamilton ( c. 1676 – August 4, 1741) was a Scottish lawyer in the Thirteen Colonies, where he finally settled in Philadelphia. He was best known for his legal victory on behalf of the printer and newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger.

Was Alexander Hamilton’s mother black?

Hamilton probably lied about his age. The illegitimate son of a Scottish immigrant father and a British West Indian mother (who happened to be married to someone else), Alexander Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis on January 11.

How long was Alexander Hamilton married?

She was the spouse of Alexander Hamilton, famous in the early American government following the Declaration of Independence and considered one of the founders of our American republic. She had eight children with Hamilton during their rather short marriage of 24 years.

Is Andrew Hamilton from South Carolina?

Branch, and James S. Wilson. Andrew was 94-years of age….Maj Andrew Calhoun Hamilton.

Birth 19 Jul 1741 Augusta County, Virginia, USA
Death 17 Jan 1835 (aged 93) Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA
Burial Upper Long Cane Cemetery Abbeville, Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA Show Map
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Are any of Alexander Hamilton’s descendants alive today?

Does Alexander Hamilton have any living descendants now? In short, yes. There are some descendants of the real Alexander Hamilton still living today. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Doug Hamilton is the great-great-great-great-great grandson of Alexander Hamilton.

What color was Alexander Hamilton’s eyes?

Alexander Hamilton has violet blue eyes.

Was Alexander Hamilton’s mother white?

For decades, Hamilton biographers have described Alexander Hamilton’s mother, Rachel Faucett, as a “whore.” This appellation comes from a single record in which her first husband, John Lavien, sought a divorce.