What age can you ref a hockey game?

What age can you ref a hockey game?

age ten years-old
Is there a minimum age to start officiating? USA Hockey has no minimum or maximum ages for officials. It is highly recommended that officials not work games of their own age classification or higher, regardless of level attained. Generally, officials can successfully officiate as young as age ten years-old.

How much do youth hockey refs make per game?

Referees who officiate youth and recreational hockey leagues get paid between $30 and $75 per game, which usually runs over a 75-minute ice time. These referees can make their job more worthwhile by officiating multiple games in the same day, however.

How do you become an NHL referee?

NHL Referees In order to become an NHL Referee, officials must have certification and experience as an official in either USA Hockey or Hockey Canada. They must first acquire certification from their respective league and gain experience through officiating games within that league.

How much do USA Hockey refs make per game?

The typical USA Hockey Referee salary is $32 per hour. Referee salaries at USA Hockey can range from $4 – $57 per hour.

How much does it cost to register with USA Hockey?

As the National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States, USA Hockey’s mission is to promote the growth of hockey in America and to provide the best possible experience for all participants. The individual registration fee is $30. The registration fee is waived for all players ages 6 and younger.

Do I have to register with USA Hockey every year?

Must complete online Membership Registration. Must submit Registration Fee ($30.00) Must complete SafeSport training (if 2005 Birth Year, or older) Must complete and maintain a USA Hockey sanctioned criminal Background Screen if 18(+) years old on June 1, 2022.

How much does a d1 hockey ref make?

The salaries of Hockey Referees in the US range from $44,338 to $63,552 , with a median salary of $49,899 . The middle 57% of Hockey Referees makes between $49,899 and $54,099, with the top 86% making $63,552.

What level is NHL ref?

Only Level 4 Officials will be eligible to Referee any USA Hockey National Championship event games.