What are mesh horse rugs for?

What are mesh horse rugs for?

Protect your horses from flies and insects with our range of Mesh rugs. The Mesh rug range is made from a variety of different fabrics designed to keep your horse cool in the summer months and keep biting and annoying insects off of your horse. Many of these rugs also offer UV protection from the sun.

Can Fly rugs be left on in the rain?

Waterproof: Some fly rugs are waterproof. It should say in the product description whether a rug is waterproof or not. A waterproof fly rug has a waterproof panel along the top and usually mesh along the bottom. Waterproof fly rugs work best in spring and autumn.

What is a flag horse rug?

Flag Horse Rugs are perfect for keeping your horse cool in the hottest of weather. It is super lightweight which means maximum airflow keeps your horse comfortable while protecting them from the sun and insects.

Do fly rugs protect from the sun?

Fly rugs and fly masks act like sunscreen. This helps decrease coat bleaching in dark horses and protects from sunburn and skin cancers in light-colored horses and those with areas of pink skin.

Do horses get hot in fly rugs?

Whilst you may worry about putting a rug on your horse during hot weather, a fly rug should not make the horse sweat or overheat.

Does my horse need a rain sheet?

The purpose of the rain sheet is to keep the horse dry in wet weather. It’s very important to buy a rain sheet made of breathable fabric. In warm weather, horses can quickly become overheated and sweat in a rain sheet.

Why are fly rugs white?

In 2012, researches from Hungary and Sweden found that on horses, light bounces off their dark coats and move along a horizontal plane. This light travels in waves that attract flies. However, from a white coat, unpolarised light is reflected, which is less attractive to insects.

Whats the difference between a sweet itch rug and a fly rug?

A sweet itch rug will provide the best protection from midges as these are made of fine mesh fabric that prevents the midges from getting to your horse. Standard fly rugs just won’t do as they are not made of fine mesh fabric.

Can horses wear mesh rugs in rain?

Not all mesh is created equally. Similar strength and performance. They dry out very quickly after a shower of rain – alleviating the itch. While they won’t keep the horse dry they do an excellent job in preventing rain scour in most cases.