What are the diploma courses in Madras University?

What are the diploma courses in Madras University?

Madras University Admission 2022: Diploma, PG Diploma, Certificate

Yoga Therapy Any graduate from this University or from any other university recognised as equivalent thereto
Extension and Development Administration
Taxonomy of Algae

What are the courses in distance education in Madras University?

Madras University Distance Education Diploma, Certificate & PG Diploma Admission 2022

Courses Specialisations
Certificate Computer Application, Plant Tissue Culture, Tamil, Police Administration
PG Diploma Yoga & Naturopathy
PGDM Logistics & Supply Chain Management
PGDHM Hospital Management

Does Post Graduate Diploma mean?

A Postgraduate Diploma is considered academically over the level of a Bachelor’s, but under a Master’s level. A Postgraduate Diploma can normally be started after the completion of a Bachelor’s degree and is typically completed in one year or less.

Is Madras University good for distance education?

The University of Madras has developed an excellent Institute of Distance Education (IDE) in the year 1981 to help learners to achieve their educational, career and personal goals. It has completed more than 25 years of service in the field of Distance Education.

Is distance education and correspondence same?

The key difference between distance learning and correspondence is that in distance learning, the course materials and the course content are provided to the students by teachers, whereas in correspondence learning, course materials are mailed to the students via post or the internet, and they are supposed to do self- …

Which Post Graduate Diploma is best?

Below is the list of the Best Post Graduate Diploma Courses in India.

  • PG Diploma in Management.
  • PG Diploma in Law.
  • PG Diploma in Medical Sciences.
  • PG Diploma in Journalism and Medical Sciences.
  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics.
  • PG Diploma in Computer Applications.
  • PG Diploma in Hotel Management.