What are the protected areas under Nipas?

What are the protected areas under Nipas?

Listed in Section 3 of the NIPAS Act are the following categories of protected areas: (1)strict nature reserve, (2)natural park, (3)natural monument, (4)wildlife sanctuary, (5)protected landscapes and seascapes, (6)resource reserve, (7) natural biotic areas, (8) and other categories established by law, conventions or …

What is a protected area in Jamaica?

Jamaica’s policy framework for the national system of protected areas defines. a protected area as “an area of land or water that is managed for the. protection and maintenance of its ecological systems, biodiversity and/or specific natural, cultural or aesthetic resources.”

Does Nipas law apply only to public lands?

The NIPAS Act covers all types of protected areas, whether terrestrial, coastal or marine.

What is National Integrated Protected Areas System Nipas Act of 1992?

To this end, there is hereby established a National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS), which shall encompass outstanding remarkable areas and biologically important public lands that are habitats of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, biogeographic zones and related ecosystems, whether …

How many protected areas are there?

Today there are more than 100,000 protected areas worldwide comprising about 12 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Where is Cedar Valley Jamaica?

Cedar Valley is in Jamaica and has an elevation of 1,416 metres. Cedar Valley is situated north of Ness Castle, and north of Arntally….Popular Destinations in Jamaica.

Kingston Surrey County
Cornwall County Middlesex County

What is Nipas act?

NIPAS is the classification and adminis tration of all designated protected areas to main tain essential ecological processes and life-sup- port systems, to preserve genetic diversity, to ensure sustainable use of resources found therein, and to maintain their natural conditions to the greatest extent possible.

What is public protected area?

A public protected area is managed by a public authority (federal, state, county or municipal government). Private protected areas are commercial or non-government businesses or organizations (NGO). The majority of protected areas in the world are located in public protected areas. Biosphere Reserves.