What are the Spanish superlatives?

What are the Spanish superlatives?

In Spanish there are two types of superlatives: el superlativo relativo (the relative superlative) and el superlativo absoluto (the absolute superlative). The latter expresses the adjective quality in its highest degree, above all other possible terms of comparison.

What is the absolute superlative of Fácil?


English Adjective Adjective Superlative
Fast Rápido/a Rapidísimo/a
Beautiful Bello/a Bellísimo/a
Easy Fácil Facilísimo/a
Difficult Difícil Dificilísimo/a

What is the absolute superlative form of inteligente?

The absolute superlative for adjectives has three possible forms in Spanish: muy + adjective – muy inteligente. sumamente + adjective – sumamente inteligente. adjective + ísimo (-a, -os, -as) – inteligentísimo.

How do you form a superlative adjective in Spanish?

Superlative adjectives in Spanish are formed by:

  1. el/la/los/las + más + adjective.
  2. el/la/los/las + menos + adjective.

How do you do superlatives?

How to make superlatives

  1. 1 syllable adjectives. Add the /adj./ est.
  2. 2+ syllable adjectives. Add the most to the adjective.
  3. Adjectives ending in –y. Remove –y and add the /adj./ iest.
  4. Adjectives ending in –e. Add the /adj./ st.
  5. Irregular adjectives. Eg: good = the best.
  6. Adjectives ending in a vowel and a consonant.

What is the superlative of Trabajadora?

Cards In This Set

Front Back
Absolute superlative of largo Larguísimo
Absolute superlative of joven Jovenísimo
Absolute superlative of feliz Felicísimo
Absolute superlative of trabajador Trabajadorcísimo

What is the superlative form of Aburrido?

Etymology. From aburrido +‎ -ísimo.

What is the absolute superlative of Aburrido?

How do you use Isimo?

Most adjectives form their superlative by attaching -ísimo. Just apply one of these 2 formulas: If the original adjective ends in a consonant, simply attach -ísimo at the end.

What is a superlative degree?

In Latin, the superlative degree is used for such particular comparisons, but it may also imply a comparison, not with two or more specific entities, but with a group which, as a whole, is divided into more than two or more groups.

How do you use superlatives?

Superlatives are used to compare more than two things. When comparing just two things, you must use a comparative. For example: The Mercedes is the fastest car in the race. ( fastest = superlative of fast) (The Mercedes is being compared against more than one other car.)

What is the difference between comparatives and superlatives?

It makes sense to learn about comparatives and superlatives at the same time because they are both about making comparisons. A comparative is known as the second or the middle degree of comparison (for adjectives and adverbs). A superlative is known as the third or the highest degree of comparison (for adjectives and adverbs).

What is the superlative form of the adjective exciting?

(most exciting = superlative form of the adjective exciting) What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expected generally happens. (Benjamin Disraeli, 1804-1881) (least expected = superlative form of the adverb little) (NB: The word little can be an adverb or an adjective.)